6 Things to Do in New York in January

things to do in New York in January

January is the month when almost everyone plans for the holiday and it beings with winter. You don’t have to struggle with hot weather as well as sweat which makes the journey even more delightful. If you are in New York then you have chosen the right holiday destination already. Well being in the right destination would already make your holiday half successful but to make it completely worth visiting then you need to know about the If you cannot decide on your own then here is a list of places as well as things that you should consider as part of your New York Visit.

Visit Top-Notch Restaurants


Well, Christmas is near and the party should be going on after it. If you are a foodie then the food is supposed to attract you the most, and being in New York you cannot miss trying out on having food in the best restaurants around the place. You would be amazed to know that this place has got more than 300 plus top-notch restaurants that serve with best ever food and while you are here you don’t have to worry too much about price as the price of the food here is reasonable and the atmosphere in the restaurants is something that you would make you love the place.

Bus Tour

Bus Tour

While you are here in NY you simply cannot miss the hop-on as well as an off-bus tour. The specialty of this bus tour is that if you are in short of time then also traveling in this these buses would complete the tour in less time. Alongside you would be able to roam around the city in these buses. The best thing about these buses is that even you haven’t decided where to visit first then also you can just get up on the bus and the bus would take you to the destinations one after another.

f you are riding the bus in the month of January then also you don’t have to worry about chilly weather as the buses have a warmer that would keep you warm throughout the journey.

Ice Skate At Bryant Park’s Rink:

Ice Skate At Bryant Park’s Rink

If you haven’t visited the place yet while you are in New York then what are you waiting for? Missing this place would be a loss for sure and it is for sure that you don’t want to miss the thrill of your holiday tour. if ice skating is something that you enjoy or even if you just enjoy watching skaters stake around then this place is a must-visit place and you would be amazed to know that the visiting, as well as skating, does not include any price as it is free of cost.

You just have to carry your stuff to the place. If not then also you can take things on rent at a very reasonable price. The waiting session to get the skating kinds of stuff is definitely worth waiting for.

Concert Night:

Concert Night

If you haven’t planned anything about listening to music or attending any concert shows while being in New York then you are about to miss a big part of this city. The live music, as well as jolly concerts, keep the city awake as well as alive all the time. If you are here in the month of January then you would get a chance to enjoy the show of standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld in Beacon Theatre.

Apart from this, you can even enjoy watching Justin Timberlake at the end day of the month at Madison square garden and if you are a fan of this amazing talent then the visit would prove to be a bonus for you. You can even enjoy the live session of dancing with the stars on 15th January at the radio city music hall.

Winter Jam At Central Park:

Winter Jam At Central Park

The month of January is quite cold as well as chilly. It is the best time to be in central park for the winter jam. The program starts at 11 am and ends at 3 pm. It is high time when you can bring your kids to the park so that they could also enjoy some quality time. This place gets completely covered in snow which makes the place perfect for snowboarding, skiing, sledding as well as snowshoeing.

You can even enjoy ice bowling, ice sculpting, dodge ball. You can also enjoy roaming around the New York winter market of the place. Considering the season the temperature inside the market has been kept warm.

After Christmas Sale:

Well, it is true that Christmas is near and the Christmas sale too. It is never late to shop your heart out while you are in NY. The place offers an amazing, Christmas sale. You can avail yourself at Woodbury commons and it is considered one of the best places to shop in NY. This shopping complex has around 220 amazing stores which would offer you up to 65 percent off on brands.

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