Staircases In The Woods Without Any Destination

staircases in the wood

What Are Staircases in the Woods?

I will be honest with you regarding this. After we experienced what happened with Roy in the forest, we did a little research on the internet about the stairs in the woods. The result shocked us, these stairs in the woods are a quite hot topic on the internet.

The one we saw was random staircases in the woods, but there are others as well. This thing came into light when a National Park Rescuer shared a story on the internet with a Wendigo-like creature roaming around the stairs. Like all the other viral stories, the stairs in the woods’ story also got divided into many branches with different stories from different people.

The stories that roamed around various mysterious staircases in the woods had mention of spine-chilling scenarios like wandering babies stalking at night, stairs catching wildfire, bright lights near the structure, boy group went missing, stairs haunting the town, and much more.

Now, without any delay let’s look at the few mysterious and terrifying forest stairs that we found out about!

1. The Vanishing Staircase – 1940s

When a CDC officer who was a specialist in researching the infectious disease, in case of animal mutilation after the Roswell crash in the 40s, learned the vanishing staircase in woods. They settled their camp near the random staircase in the forest, where they spent the whole day and the night.

However, the next morning they woke up, the staircase was not there, instead, there was a black burnt spot at that place. They found that exact same staircase 50 meters away from the spot and were shocked about how it moved there. 

Therefore, they decided to research them. The wood of the stair was harder and stronger than any wood available in the world. It wasn’t even scratchable. The staircase moved 50 to 60 meters every other night leaving the burnt spot, and after a week or so it vanished. Researchers say stairs emit the frequency, but they are still unsure of the receivers. 

2. Ghostly Staircase in Sweden

If you think that the Ghostly is just the name of the staircase, you are wrong. There’s a reason why this staircase in Sweden is called ghostly. Well, the story of this random staircase in the forest was shared by two young guys.

They were out hiking in the woods when they suddenly came across the stairs that led them to nowhere. One of them was daring enough to climb it, while the other stayed away from it. As soon as the former climbed the stairs, they both heard the bloodcurdling scream. Terrified boys ran and fled far away from the scene.

However, when they stopped to catch their breath, one of the friends felt someone’s tap on the shoulder. When he turned around assuming his friend needed help he felt a chill go down his spine. The other was way far away from him to tap on the shoulder. The creepiest part is the tap he received was chilling cold.

Therefore, this stair is known as Ghostly Staircase in Sweden.

3. The Loretto Chapel Staircase in the woods – Madame Sherri’s Stairs

stairs in the woods

Another one we found was ancient stairs worn out in middle of the forest. However, it is way much better than the above two. How? At least it has a history, and we know, that isn’t just random staircases in the woods instead of a part of a chapel built on the order of Madame Antoinette Sherri.

She got this Loretto Chapel built in the woods of Chesterfield, New Hampshire to serve as a summer retreat. It is rumored that Madame Sherri’s parties were royal and had all sorts of scandalous things in them. We also call them the ruined royalty.

The whole chapel is burnt down, and now there are only stairs in the woods. 

4. Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo

stairs in the woods

Just like the above one, we found other ancient stairs worn out in middle of the woods of Viterbo, Italy. The Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo is a large stone megalith with a small platform on the top. Researchers and scholars say this is a piece from the seventh century BCE or before. 

However, it is still unknown what was the purpose of the stairs in woods. Still, we somehow managed to get information that Etruscans used to perform sky-based divinations and sacrifice of people and animals. 

It is our rough guess that even this Pyramid of Bomarzo might be some kind of altar or divination tower of Etruscans. Maybe, there are chances, right?

5. Mount Phnom Kulen

stairs in the woods

The Phnom Kulen Mountain in Cambodian Siem Reap province has a 2000-foot long-abandoned staircase in the woods. No one still knows the purpose of this staircase. The researchers say the structure belongs to the period between the 9th to 13th centuries. 

There are two speculations related to the Mount Phnom Kulen forest stairs:

  • It might be the pathway to the city Mahendraparavat (which is now covered in the forest).
  • King Suryavarman II built the staircase in the 12th century for workers to acquire building supplies for Angkor Wat.
staircases in the wood

6. The Ranger’s Creepy Stairs in the Woods

There are several stories where forest rangers share their experiences of random stairs in the woods. Almost all of them are creepy enough to send chills down your spine. Once a ranger told how he was training a rookie ranger when they found the abandoned stairs in the forest. 

The rookie ranger climbed up the stairs without thinking twice and held his hand out to touch a tree but suddenly the hand was cut off with some sharp thing. It was a clean-cut wound; the creepiest thing is the hand was never found again. 

Another ranger story is about the woman who climbed up the stairs and came back saying ‘something is wrong with me’ and suddenly she fell from the stairs and died. The doctors later said she died due to a fatal aneurysm. Rangers said that they can’t forget the way blood leaked inside her eyes before she died.

There’s one more story of a ranger who recently joined, went for patrolling and came after 5 years. That is what others thought, but according to him, he was away patrolling for 8 hours only. He stumbled on one of the stairs in the forest and decided to climb and explore the place. 

That is when he saw a vicious dog and didn’t want to get bitten by him he ran back towards the ranger station. Upon reaching there, he came to know that he was fired and missing for the past five years. Creepy, right?

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