Staircases In The Woods Without Any Destination

staircases in the wood

As a travel blogger, it’s my responsibility to tell you about all the interesting things I experience while catching the glimpse of every nook of this beautiful world, then be it bears on the roofs or stairs in the woods.

Today, I will share with you my recent experience that was mysterious, creepy, and unique (or antique!). This happened when we were on a trip with our friends. Tbh (to be honest), we aren’t one of those who are scared of anything, but there are certain things that can give you a hair-raising experience.

It was just a week ago when we all went on a trip to an isolated forest. We had planned to do camping at the site and exploring! (So that, I can share the information about the place, after all, everyone is in search of offbeat places.) After reaching, we set up the tents and everything and thought of wandering. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing any suspicious thing.

8 Stairs In The Woods To Lookout For

staircases in the wood


I still have a mixed feeling of agreeing with the idea. Like, What on this god’s green planet I was thinking about? I felt positive about the decision because I got to know about the mysterious thing that was out of the world. And I felt negative because it came in a sudden and creepiest way.

I will tell you how! We all were laughing and enjoying our vacay-mode. Clicking pictures, talking, and walking without any fear. You know every group has a person, that overexaggerates things, right? And are also outgoing (by this I mean, they literally go out of the way). We also have one, Roy. We all were heading north and we had decided that we will stay together but Roy, as usual, went ahead. And, we weren’t worried about him until we heard the scream. 


We hurriedly went in the direction he went. When we reached there, he was sitting on a staircase holding his foot. We were surprised not because he was sitting there holding his foot like a 5-year-old kid but because there was a staircase in the woods that led to nowhere. 

As we were going near the stairs we felt strange. It was like staircases were hypnotizing us. We are drawn towards it. Usually, this happens when you see something mesmerizing but the stairs that were in front of us were older than ruins. 

As we were going to step on the staircase, Roy pulled us back and said let’s go! We tried to ask him why, But he started his tape-recorder on, ‘I want to go back,’ ‘Let’s go!.’ and was continuously whining about the scratch he got! We didn’t have any other option left.

The whole day he reacted strangely and was quite like anything.

We haven’t seen him like this ever, as time was ticking our concern towards him grew. And till the evening, our curiosity to know what happened to him went to the peak. We were sure, all this happened because of the creepy and mysterious stairs in the woods.

We asked him about his weird behavior and he said he felt some energy pulling him towards the stairs and that was not at all normal. It looked more like paranormal activity. He couldn’t see anything except for the stairs.

This was enough to give us spine-chilling vibes. A sudden whoosh of wind could scare us. And then we decided to look upon the internet as soon as we get the network coverage. The next morning, after moving out of the woods, I was totally on Google to search about it. And the following are the places that I found:

(I thought, this was the only wilderness where there was a staircase that led to nowhere. I was wrong there are others too! These staircases in the woods are hell mysterious and creepy.)

I am not able to write down about every place in detail. It will get a bit long and will consume most of the time. But I will give you quick snippets about the stories that are revolving around the internet.

1. The Vanishing Staircase – 1940s

If we talk about the vanishing staircase, they have a story of disappearing every two-three days and re-appearing again at a distance of 50-metre or so. Researchers say stairs emitted the frequency but receivers are still unknown. 

2. Ghostly Staircase in Sweden

Another story about another stair describes the paranormal experience where one of two friends felt the presence of a third person (a creepy thing is the tap he received on the shoulder was chilly cold!).

3. The Loretto Chapel Staircase in the woods – Madam Sherri’s Stairs

One of the staircases in the woods is the ruined royalty – known as Madame Sherri’s stairs. It is said that Madame Sherri’s parties were the royal of all and had all the scandalous things in them.

stairs in the woods: Madam Sherri’s Stairs


4. Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo

stairs in the woods: Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo


5. Mount Phnom Kulen

stairs in the woods: Mount Phnom Kulen


6. The Ranger’s Creepy Stairs in the Woods

Next is the ranger’s creepy stairs, where a forest ranger experienced something oddly terrifying. He went to help a young man who climbed up the tree and held his hand out to catch the branch but there was something that cut his hand, no-one knows what was it (it’s still a mystery) and the creepiest part is his hand was never found.

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7. Stairs to Nowhere Virginia

stairs in the woods: Stairs to Nowhere Virginia


8. Stairs in the woods in Germany without a destination

stairs in the woods: Staircase in Germany without a destination

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stairs in the woods


stairs in the woods


Life-Saving Warning!

Still, these are some of them. I haven’t mentioned them all. There are other creepiest stories as well that can give you goosebumps. Many people have reported about the mysterious stairs in the woods. But it has been recommended by SAR (Search and Rescue) officer, not to climb any stairs you find in the woods. A staircase that leads you to a temple, chapel, or even graveyard is still fine and has reasonable explanations. But the staircase that doesn’t have any destination is dangerous, it can lead you to the doors of heaven or can throw you into the burning fire of hell.

So our recommendation on what to do when you see a mysterious staircase in the woods is simple – stay 10-mile away and just click pictures!

To know more about these types of historical places and mysterious places visit Travelila.

Clicking pictures is interesting rather than finding your anxiety level going up!

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