Flying From Chandigarh to Srinagar’s Alpine Beauty

Journey from Chandigarh to Srinagar's Alpine Beauty

Srinagar is the capital of kaleidoscopic Kashmir. It is a valley situated in the extreme western of India and also the economic and cultural capital of the entire region. Srinagar has been an integral part of the state’s glorious cultural history, which has been the driver of trade and commerce in ancient times as merchants around the world have flocked to this city. The city is famous for its diversified community, where old-age Kashmiri craftsmanship is thriving and supporting present industrial developments. 

Journey from Chandigarh to Srinagar’s Alpine Beauty

Journey from Chandigarh to Srinagar's Alpine Beauty

Departure from Chandigarh: Get the journey started on your Chandigarh to Srinagar flight, where you will feel anticipation and excitement as you take off into the sky.

Hills Coming into View: As you go up higher, you will see the rolling hills covered with rich forests and vegetation, their wonderful beauty appearing before you like a painting that has come alive.

Seeing Big Mountains: The awe and wonder of the magnificent Himalayas will be felt as the summits rise to view, the sunlight shining upon snow-capped elevations that stand out boldly against the clear sky background.

Getting Close to Srinagar: Prepare yourself for arrival, and with each glimpse of the city safely tucked between the mountains, you get a feeling of excitement and an amazing scenery that signals your alpine journey is finally coming.

Landing in Srinagar: As the plane is about to land at Srinagar airport, you can imagine the relief and joy you feel for having completed this beautiful journey through the skies and the excitement to start discovering the alpine beauty that is awaiting you on the ground.

Places to Visit in Srinagar

Places to Visit in Srinagar

Before you head back on your Srinagar to Chandigarh flight, here are some must-visit places while you’re still in Srinagar:

Dal Lake: Tourists can ride in shikaras, stay in houseboats, and explore floated gardens called “Rak” and “Rad” floating gardens.

Shalimar Bagh: The famous empress garden of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir was built by him to satisfy his wife, and this amazing garden is the best example of Mughal architecture and design. This garden is a bold blend of a sunken lawn, flower beds as the body and a fountain as the soul.

Nishat Bagh: Nishat Bagh is another Mughal garden where you can admire the breathtaking views of the Dal Lake and Zabarwan Mountains. It’s an awesome site for a calm walk through trimmed grass and colourful flower beds.

Shankaracharya Temple: Out at the top of a lonely hill rises this very old Shiva Temple, where every spot in the surrounding area has a perfect view. It is a holy place for Hindu pilgrims. For history enthusiasts, it is also a place of historical interest.

Hazratbal Shrine: The Hazratbal Shrine holds a relic thought to be that of a hair from the Prophet Mohammad. The mosque’s pure white shining marble structure at the periphery makes it look very beautiful.

Pari Mahal: This “Palace of Fairies” is a historical monument situated on the top of the Zabarwan Range and is also known as Pari Mahal. Its stunning vistas over Srinagar create a breathtaking backdrop. There are gardens on the terraces where visitors can sit down, relax while enjoying the view, and have a picnic on the spot.

Chashme Shahi: A garden designed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and named after him, is well-known for its hillside spring. Local people believe that it can cure many ailments. The garden features natural beauty in abundance with refined culture. Visitors can stroll amongst groves of cypress trees or by a pool, watching carp swimming in the clear water.

Jamia Masjid: This large mosque, situated right in the old heart of Srinagar, is a masterpiece of Indian-Saracenic architecture. It contains exquisite wood carvings, which are also worth seeing. Its range in terms of cultural and religious significance marks it as a major Srinagar monument. It typifies India’s enthralling folklore as well as myths.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden: Its area extends over the slopes of the foothills of the Zabarwan Mountains. It is the largest tulip garden in Asia. The blossoming flowers will allow numerous people to enjoy the full-colour, bright flower show at the blooming time, which is usually in the spring season.


Experience a memorable journey from Chandigarh to the Alpine grandeur of Srinagar on our special flight deals, which are available online. See the spectacular landscapes from the air as they unfold, and you almost reach the Himalayas. From Chandigarh’s bustling urban life to Srinagar’s peaceful lakes and spectacular peaks covered with snow, this flight is going to be very interesting. 

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