Exploring Malaga – The Capital of Spain’s Coast of the Sun

Exploring Malaga

Malaga is warm, sunny, and exotic. The city rarely comes up near the top of any “best places to visit” lists, but many people do not realize what an amazing gem Malaga is. It combines three hallmarks of the perfect holiday spot into one: ultramodern tourist attractions; miles of sunny, sandy beaches; and a historic old town full of monuments.

Despite all of this, Malaga is more popular as a starting point for trips to the other beach resorts that can be found along the coast. Resorts in Granada, Seville, and Cordoba grab all the attention, but Exploring  Malaga is more than worthy of its share of attention. This article will explain why.

 Its Location Is Perfect

Exploring Malaga

Malaga is a large city in the Spanish province of Andalusia. Specifically, it lies along the southeastern coast of Spain, on a stretch of coastline known as the Costa del Sol, or . This place is not as famous as the French or Italian Rivieras further down the Mediterranean, but it deserves to be. Pristine beaches that remain sunny and warm year-round are a highlight. The city offers a variety of activities; vibrant markets where you may experience the local cuisine; and interesting museums.

All the Best Spots Are Walkable

Exploring Malaga

Malaga is quite portable. It is not a sprawling metropolis dominated by traffic. Rather, it is very pedestrian-friendly, especially in the section of the city where all the attractions are. The majority of the city’s attractions are in a small area, making it simple to walk from one to the next.

In fact, apart from your trip from the airport, you can spend your entire holiday in Malaga on foot. If you wish to rent a vehicle to go on an excursion to other resorts on the coast, car hire malaga companies offer such services. 

It Offers Something for Everyone

Exploring Malaga

The people are friendly, the tourist infrastructure is great, and the food is heavenly. But Malaga offers something unique. It is a perfect vacation spot all year round and in every season. Of course, it is bright and sunny in the summer, but even at its coldest in the dead of winter, temperatures do not fall below 50°F.

That means that it can be visited anytime, and the different seasons bring out new sides of the city. A visitor in the summer months will enjoy the beaches, swimming, and vibrant nightlife while partying and shopping at the markets. A visitor in the fall and winter will experience the beauty of the city itself, its monuments, and the amazing culinary scene.

Holiday on the Beach

Exploring Malaga

Have we mentioned the beaches already? It is worthy of a reminder. After all, this is the Coast of the Sun. I’ve got 100 miles of sunny coastline that can be found along the coast, and Malaga alone boasts the 15 best beaches to spend the holiday with friends.

Malagueta is the most popular, while La Caleta and San Andres are perfect for water sports. Misericordia is a quieter beach, best for introverts who just want to soak up the sun in peace. There are also secluded beaches for nudists to indulge themselves. The best part? Even in the off-season, temperatures are never too cold.

A Rich Heritage and Incredible Monuments

Exploring Malaga

Malaga may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of cultural centers in Europe. It deserves a great deal more recognition. Malaga is older than most of the settlements in Europe, and it has immense historical significance. The old town is full of Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic designs.

The city’s dominating monument, the Alzacaba Citadel, was built by a Moorish king in the 11th century. Other culturally significant buildings include the Gibralfaro Castle, the Catedral de la Encarcion, and the unique one-steeple cathedral, La Manquita.

Pablo Picasso, arguably the most famous artist of the 20th century, was a Malaga native. The Pablo Picasso Museum is home to some of his most famous paintings and many lesser-known ones.

Malaga enthralls with a unique combination of great weather, a vibrant vacation scene, rich culture and history, good food, and friendly people. It deserves more than merely a gateway to the attractions along the coast. It is an amazing attraction in itself as well.

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