Can Any of the Following be Known as the Eighth Wonder in the New Era?

Eighth Wonder

There is a common dream that is noted down in the travelogue of every traveler. And that is to travel seven wonders of the world at least once in a life. If we see today’s scenario, almost everyone has seen them or has been there, as a part of a school or college trip or with friends. But have you ever wondered what can be the Eighth Wonder of the world that people will die to see?

According to the definition mentioned in Wikipedia, “8th Wonder of the World is an unofficial title sometimes given to new buildings, structures, projects, or even designs that are deemed to be comparable to the seven Wonders of the World.”

So let’s keep this thing real and see if any places on the earth are comparable to the beauty and elegance of the other seven wonders. The answer is yes, there are, and it will vary from person to person as it is a purely unofficial and imaginary title given to certain places. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty.

Here we have listed down some places that you should definitely go to once in your lifetime. These are the magical places that have an unbelievable existence, and maybe you won’t even have heard about it. So let’s start the virtual tour of sites that can be called “eighth wonder” according to us.

Pink Lake Hiller, Australia

Eighth Wonder

Lake Hiller in Australia is famous for its color – pink. Yeah! Unlike other lakes, it isn’t blue or colorless or even crystal clear, it is pink. A British navigator Mathew Flinders discovered this lake in 1802. He kept its name Hiller in the memory of his deceased crew member William Hiller.

He wrote in one of his logs that he was surprised to see the rose-colored lake. After that, crew members went to investigate the lake, and they found the high amount of salt and salt was so pure that it only needed to be dried for the final use.

But the actual reason behind the pink color of the lake is because of the salt-loving algae present in it – Dunaliella Salina. These microalgae produce carotenoid pigments, beta-carotene which is thought to give rise in the strawberry pink color in the lake. But don’t worry you can swim in the water but it is advisable not to drink saline water as it is harmful to your body. 

This place is now a tourist place and attracts many people, before that it was used to extract salt. You should definitely visit here once.

Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Eighth Wonder: Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Haiku stairs on the island of Oahu, Hawaii is also known as the Stairway to Heaven. And just so you know here haiku doesn’t mean the Japanese poetry it is named after the Kahili flower. This is the only greatest attraction on the island.

The US Navy built the stairs in 1942 for the navigation of ships passing through the pacific ocean and to transmit the radio signals. This was the top-secret facility built. Then in 1950 the naval base was decommissioned and was used as an Omega Navigation System. In mid of 1950, the wooden staircase was replaced with the metal staircase and was then open to the public. The count of steps recorded at that time was 3922. 

After that in 1987, it was closed for the public too. The city of Honolulu spent $875,000 on the repair of stairs, but still, that was not opened because of public demand. That doesn’t stop hikers or explorers from climbing the stairs. Many travelers sneak past the guard and experience the thrilling 4000ft long hike. The view from the top justifies the name “Stairway to Heaven.”

Underwater City, Shi Cheng, China

Eighth Wonder: Underwater City, Shi Cheng, China

Shi Cheng, the city of China, established around 1300 years ago, was once the center of attraction of politics and economics. It was purposely flooded in 1959 to create a human-made lake (known as Qian Dao) and a hydroelectric power station. 

Now, this city lies 40m under the lake and is still preserved perfectly. Don’t think the government or some human-made means preserve it. Lake’s water is protecting this underwater city from rain, sun, and wind erosion. This city is also named the ‘time-capsule’ of China. 

The lion city was discovered in 2001, almost after five decades. And now it is the main attraction for divers and explorers. This underwater site is considered the Atlantis of China. The stone sculptures, roads, houses, and even wooden structures are still substantial. While Atlantis is still an unsolved mystery, this underwater city is ready to be explored by the tourists.

The Lofoten Islands

Eighth Wonder: The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Island located in Norway is a must-visit place for the one who craves a peaceful vacation and yeah, for adventure seekers too. What is so good here? The unexpected weather change, number of adventures to go on, sightseeing, and exploring the local cuisine as well as their lifestyle.

Whenever you plan to go there, don’t rely on the weather forecast, take warm as well as rainproof clothes. As the weather here changes unexpectedly. Maybe right now you are feeling chilling cold, and the next moment you will be witnessing a burst of mild sunshine.

There you can go on a number of adventures, from hiking to diving and even surfing. Climb on the Svolvaergeita also known as ‘the goat’ and is famous among rock climbers. There are magnificent mountains to hike on, and as a reward, you will get the best scenic view. The views there are unforgettable. The northern light is the best thing you will see.

Other than the above following are the places that are also comparable to the 7 Wonders of The World:-

Grand Canyon, US

Eighth Wonder: Grand Canyon, US

We aren’t surprised to mention Grand Canyon on this list; it deserves to be here. 

Rice Terraces, Vietnam

Eighth Wonder: Rice Terraces, Vietnam

The Rice Terraces of Vietnam is a unique tourist attraction and also recognized as a national vestige. They are the rice fields that are built uniquely.

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

Eighth Wonder: Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

The Anaconda Ice Cave located in the Vatnajokull, the largest glacier of Iceland is a beauty that can’t be expressed in words. And the structure of this cave may leave you in an awe-inspiring situation.

Devil’s Bridge, German

Eighth Wonder: Devil's Bridge, German

This Devil’s Bridge in Germany forms a full circle using its reflection. And it dates back to the 19th century.

Dark Hedges, UK

Eighth Wonder: Dark Hedges, UK

Dark Hedges is actually a pathway covered with beech trees on its sideways that creates an ethereal vibe. This roadway has also been shown in the famous web series ‘Game of Thrones.’

The above are places that we think can be titled as the eighth wonder of the world. Visit Travelila for more information on expeditions you can experience.

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