Best Time to Visit New Orleans: Ultimate Guide

best time to go to new orleans

In search of relaxed traveling, you have landed upon the perfect site. We are here to serve you and your family for a perfect 5-star trip. Down this page we have written about, perfect southern city tourism wherein you will find the mix of cultures, with strong French and Spanish influences, is more reminiscent of the Caribbean than the United States. Cajun and Creole cuisine, jazz music, and architecture of the French Quarter. If you want to know the best time to visit New Orleans, read the full article.

“Job is OK to fill the pockets, but we need travel and relaxation to fill our soul.” 

When you are looking for the best time to visit New Orleans, then it is most important for you to decide that what do you want to witness in the city. Some important factors to consider during this trip are crowded, weather, events, festivals, and different organized parties.

Well, it is no matter if you are not aware of all those; we are here to help you. We will plan a blast trip for you according to your choices, and we will decide the best time to visit Orleans for you. 

So, let us break the ice and start our article about the best time to visit New Orleans.

Best Time To Visit New Orleans By Seasons


best time to visit new orleans
best time to visit new orleans
best time to visit new orleans

This season is the peak season for New Orleans. During this season weather in the city changes to a little warm and different festivals get on the node. Food during this time tastes more fabulous. Along with food emerging wildlife and blooming flowers increase the atmosphere around the city.

If you visit the city during this season, you can take part in different outdoor festivals which the city welcomes one after another as people in the city are up to the clock during every hour celebrating the joy of weather along with great food and vibes. All mentions make this the best time to go to New Orleans.

Months that fall under spring are March, April, & May. In March some time the biggest event of the city falls, Mardi Gras, which falls 40 days before Easter. After winter, March is the month which is least humid and by April and May all the flowers and trees around the city bloom up. Therefore, we can say that spring is nearby the best time to go to New Orleans.

During April, the city feels the vibes of the French Quarter Festival that sets up stages around the district. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival follows this festival. During this time city is flooded with music, food, and crafts. 

With season end month of May the tour of plantation and bayou tours with blooming orchids and lush foliage. During this time temperature is high in the nearby 80s and nights are warm too with temperatures nearby 60s. 

Hence this is one of the favorable seasons or the best time to visit New Orleans.


best time to visit new orleans
best time to visit new orleans
best time to visit new orleans

Since New Orleans is a south city with this, it is easy to understand that the heat and humidity are at an all-time high. This goes on from June to August. After August, we saw the temperature and humidity to be less and more bearable. But they flooded this season with discount prices and a great deal to crack for cheap tourism. 

In June the city gets the signal of the hurricane. Both the rain and thunderstorm are unreasonable. In the entire year, June is the wettest month. If you want to enjoy the rain, it is the best time to visit New Orleans.

July and August are more likely the same months in New Orleans where the sun is high along with warmer nights. Temperature is nearby 91degress and night temperature is nearby 75degress. Temperature is not the best time to go to New Orleans.


best time to visit new orleans
best time to visit new orleans
best time to visit new orleans

This the tail of summer. We although named this season as the driest season of all the time as the rain during this time is very considerable. October and November are considered being the best month to visit for the activities and in terms of weather as well. Price of hotels and flights are also dropped similar to summer, so it can be the best time to visit New Orleans.

September does not differ from the summer. The average temperature is around 88degree and the night temperature falls around the 70s. We can say September is a milder version of August. 

By October, the season changes, and this winter. Nights get chiller with temperature around the 60s. Despite that, this is a season of the hurricane. This month gives the start to the festival activities of the city with a kick to Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival. Along with this in mid-October city begins the film festival also known as Cannes of the Mississippi. after this Halloween arrives with a lot of joy and enjoyment around the city. This is the best place to feel the vibes of the spooky Halloween. Voodoo Music and Art Experience here makes this time to be the best time to visit New Orleans.

November is the month that marked the end of the hurricane. With this, the days become brisker, and on average; the temperature is about 72degrees which too drops by 50 by sunset time. After a blast of events in October, November is quieter. Only on Thanksgiving celebration in Oaks is seen as the most spectacular display.  

According to the low budget, it is the best time to visit New Orleans.


best time to visit new orleans
best time to go to new orleans
best time to go to new orleans

Many travelers assume December as the best month to visit New Ornelas. This season’s weather is almost unpredictable, but then also it is more joyful to enjoy a trip during this time. Winters can be managed with jackets and coats. Holiday decorations begin in the city which becomes another highlight for the city tourists. 

Although the crowd is less, which makes the prices for hotels and flights less. During this time alligators hibernate and the swamp tour is quite a popular pastime. The three most beneficial things are no mosquitoes, bare trees, and seasonal wildlife sighting is there. 

December month comes with the magic of holidays all over the streets. It’s the best time to visit New Orleans for bonfire leaves. 

In January, New Orleans just after the new year starts with the beginning of Mardi Gras. Here January 6 is celebrated as The King Day when the official preparations for Mardi Gras start. If you are visiting in January, maintain that you carry cold clothing with you as it is the coldest month of the year in New Orleans. 

February is the party month for New Orleans city. Since this month is closest to Fat Tuesday and also this is the month of Mardi Gras, which means tourists around the world come here to see the costumed performances and attend formal masquerade balls. 

There are many other activities which you can joy during February month. It is most probably the best time to visit New Orleans.

Best Time To Visit New Orleans To Avoid Crowd 

best time to go to new orleans
best time to go to new orleans

Although the city is too popular to attract the attention of tourists for the entire year, there are few exciting events which make the crowd have goosebumps and increase their heartbeat to attend them all. One of the most famous events is Mardi Gras. It has now become New Orleans’ biggest celebration of the year. If you plan to visit book the hotel for about 3 to 4 nights and must book one year in advance. Also, during this time flights are too expensive. But this is the best time to visit New Orleans city. 

Cheapest Time To Visit New Orleans 

best time to go to new orleans
best time to go to new orleans

When you are a budget planner, we are still a part of you. We help our customer to design their trip in a budget-friendly manner. Orleans is the city of enjoying and sometimes people take to enjoy and money as synonyms but it is not, read below to know the best time to visit New Orleans in a budget.

Summer is the best to get the trip to Orleans at cheap and affordable rates. During summer, average hotel rates drop to their lowest. Along with this the rates of flights decrease which makes the trip’s half a price as compared to other seasons.

According to the budget-friendliness, the best time to visit New Orleans in August. Even during this time, we see that many restaurants such as Commander’s Palace and Arnaud’s, offer Culinary, which are the multi-course lunch specials for $20 or less and dinner for $39 or less.

Wrapping Up

If you plan to visit New Orleans, then prepare yourself for the struggle of the sun there. To score a perfect deal by having a trip to New Orleans in August time then you should avoid outdoor activities, also take the air conditioning whenever you can. 

It is also good if you visit in September, but it be a little costly but then also you will get good deals on flights and hotels. But in September you have a more enjoyable time as compared to august. During this month city, weather is enjoyable with very less rain and temperatures topping out in the high 80s. 

We refer you to increase your budget a little and give a visit at the time of winter or fall. According to budget-friendly pocket, it is the best time to visit New Orleans.

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