Best Places to Go with a Hyrbil I – Stockholm

Places to Go with a Hyrbil I Stockholm

There are numerous factors that contribute to Sweden being the top travel destination in Europe. When thinking about this country, the first thing that comes to mind is its breathtaking landscapes, scenic beauty, and natural wonders. This explains why this destination is at the top of every travel enthusiast’s bucket list.

Sweden, without a doubt, offers a diverse range of attractions, but to top it all, it was striking to witness how welcoming and safe the country is for tourists, which makes it stand out from other countries in the world. In fact, it consistently ranks among the top states to live in year after year. So everyone’s curious what it feels like to visit the place. 

The city has many travel options to explore. Those looking for a fun and frolic vacation will enjoy the lively vacation spots in the area, such as cafes and museums, as well as the markedly vibrant nightlife. On the flip side, Sweden also has many more to offer to those seeking tranquility with lakes, streams, mountains, and forests, which they are famous for. With so many options and cities to choose from, it’s natural to wonder which ones are the most worthwhile.

1. Stockholm

Stockholm is a green city, making it an ideal vacation spot. It is clean and not very crowded at all. There are many places to explore, from countless restaurants, bars, cafes, and other attractions to enjoy. There are also lots of parks to enjoy during the summer, yet still an ideal spot for winter.

This city is also known for being the safest capital city in Europe. Since traveling abroad can be worrisome, Stockholm eases those worries with the low crime rate. Although it is still crucial to be cautious since you’re a stranger to a place. 

There are many ways to enjoy the Swedish capital, but there are a few must-see attractions you should add to your itinerary. If you’re planning to visit Stockholm soon, don’t worry. With the abundance of world-class museums and beautiful scenery, traveling around the city of Stockholm isn‘t overwhelming at all as long as you plan it ahead. 

2. Gothenburg


Typically, staying in Gothenburg is less expensive than in Stockholm. They often have lower rates for accommodation, restaurant prices, and shopping prices. But that doesn’t compromise the quality of traveling in this city!

If it hasn’t already become apparent, this city has a lot to offer travelers looking for a good time. They have everything you could possibly want, from breathtaking views to historical sites, affordable attractions to high-quality cafés. 

To top it off, many of the activities in this city are reasonably priced (some are even free!), so even if you’re traveling on a tight budget, you’ll be able to take advantage of the sights and sounds of the city without spending too much money on these unforgettable experiences. You can go to a botanical garden to get some fresh air or make museum visits to learn about the city’s history and culture.

3. Trosa


Trosa is a picturesque town, which has consistently ranked high on lists among the most attractive cities in Sweden for several years. Popularly, it is known as an excellent summer vacation destination if you want to get away from the city and visit a beach once in a while. It’s just an hour away from Stockholm, so you can make a quick dip on the beach this summer! 

Trosa is a small town, but it might be just what you’re looking for when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s the ideal and best location choice if all you want to do is relax and unwind to get away from the stresses of everyday life. While you’re there, you can enjoy total relaxation by participating in many activities, seeing the canals and boats, and much more. 

Don’t forget to stop by at some of the local shops to feel like a local too! The people there are genuinely nice and welcoming. They will not treat you any differently than they would treat anyone else.

4. Uppsala 


Uppsala is an excellent choice for those who enjoy learning about history (although even those who are not can still be fascinated too). It is like a kind of place where you can learn a lot. There are many more exciting stories about this ancient place, dating back to the 15th century, where it is known as a University town. Evidently, you can see many old buildings everywhere you go, with exciting legacies. Besides that, numerous fantastic museums are well worth a trip.

But there’s still a modern twist, don’t worry. While enjoying the historical scenery of the city, you can still enjoy the nightlife in this University town. You can listen to live bands, visit a pub for drinks, or relax at a lounge bar. 

5. Solna

A suburb right next to the North of Stockholm, Solna is the extension of the city’s tourist spots and amenities. This municipality is relatively tiny, but you’ll be surprised at how many things you can do in this place. Don’t dismiss this hidden gem of a destination for many because it has everything from exhilarating activities to breathtaking scenery. It’s a must-see, so if you are traveling to Stockholm, make sure to stop by this place too!

Car Rental In Sweden

Sweden has a well-developed railway system. And trains are almost always reliable to time and distances when traveling. However, they are not always affordable. Hence, staying for a long time in Sweden may either break your bank, or you may end up canceling some of your travel activities just to stay within your budget. 

When it comes to traveling, anyone who has done so knows how convenient it is to have their own car. However, transporting your vehicle to a foreign location is not only difficult, but it may also involve a significant amount of paperwork and process. As an alternative, renting a car is the most practical choice. The reason for this is crystal clear: it is more convenient. Not to mention the money you can save by renting a car rather than paying for each individual transportation fare for each location site every day.

However, keep in mind that renting a car comes with its own set of requirements and qualifications, particularly in terms of driver’s license rules. To rent a car, you must be at least 20 years old, and your driver’s license must have been in effect for at least two years. At the very least, they may require you to show them a copy of your insurance certificate, proof of registration, passport, as well as a warning triangle for safety precautions.

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