The Best Beaches in New Jersey to Visit

best beaches around New Jersey

Summertime is when east coasters flock to New Jersey for its incredible beaches and boardwalks. If you’re also planning a trip to New Jersey this summer, here’s your guide to find the best beaches around New Jersey.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five beaches in New Jersey based on a few factors, including accessibility, amenities, and cleanliness.

So, pack your bags and plan your beach trip this year for a fantastic experience.

1. Cape May

Cape May

The beach is known for its colorful architecture from the 19th century. Situated at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, the beach offers plenty of dining options at the oceanfront.

The Approximately 2.5 miles long coastline offers mesmerizing stretches of sandy beaches. Visitors can enjoy a beachfront picnic or play volleyball at Steger Beach or Second Avenue Beach.

There are popular surfing spots too, including The Cove.

2. Avalon


The second best beach to enjoy some relaxing summertime is Avalon, situated at the northern end of the “7-mile island.”

If you’re an early bird, you’re sure to enjoy stunning sunrises at the shores of this beach. Or you can enjoy surfing and swimming later in the day.

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy including rafting on inflatable rafts in the open ocean waters. Besides, the beach is famous for its initiative to provide physically challenged patrons with wheelchairs specifically designed for sand.

3. Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City NJ

Ocean City is often called “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” and it lives up to this nickname. You can find plenty of Ocean City house rentals at the beachfront.

The city has nearly 8 miles of shoreline flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and Great Egg Harbor Bay on both sides.

You can enjoy your days riding the waves, or you could go on a bike ride along the boardwalk. Or, if you’re into fitness, you can even enjoy some refreshing yoga sessions on the warm sandy beach.

4. Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

For adventure seekers, Sandy Hook is yet another option. You can enjoy swimming, windsurfing, fishing, and biking at ocean and bay beaches across the town.

The Gateway National Recreation Area is ideally situated to offer all these activities within reach.

You can also visit one of the oldest operating lighthouses in America at Fort Hancock. The fort was once used as an Army barrack.

When you’re in town, make sure you grab a bite at some of the best food trucks in the region.

5. The Wildwoods

The Wildwoods

The Wildwoods, a resort area in southern New Jersey, is popular with monster truck rallies and concerts.

The space between the boardwalk and the oceanfront is 500 yards wide at some points. Which is perfect for hosting such events.

More so, you can also enjoy frisbee tournaments and some of the most thrilling amusement park rides here. In short, the beach isn’t for the ones looking for a relaxing time.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, invite your friends, or discuss your options with your family, and get ready to be amused by some of the best beaches in all of America.

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