Top Five Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

Russia is blessed with a natural landscape and region that offers different adventurous activities. However, due to visa issues, many people are limited only to visiting the main cities. Hence, it would be best to have a proper Russian travel visa and Russian invitation letter before you embark on the journey. The Russian travel visa offers five types of visas. If your sole purpose is for tourism, you should apply for a tourist visa. In Russia, regardless of whether you are rich or not, there are best adventurous activities to do in Russia and also you can participate in Russian outdoor adventure tours initiated and organized by various societies.

Here, everyone will find a natural world for everyone: from surfing in summer to skiing in winter. You can see the amazing natural beauty during the hike, and by the way of self-driving in Russia, everything becomes inexpensive!

To spend an outdoor travel holiday in Russia, you don’t have to be an avid athlete and train regularly. There are many simple procedures and routes that do not require special training and equipment. In the vast and diverse regions of Russia, it is easy to choose an experience method that fully matches your habits, temperament and health.

Take a leisurely hike or horseback ride-suitable for disabled tourists or just indifferent Russian self-driving_drifting tourists. Walk on jeeps, snowmobiles and even dog sleds-people who like challenges and high speeds. You can choose a combination of different types of activities, for example, cycling to the river and then rafting.

Almost every Russian region has its own outdoor experience plan every year. For example, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula are considered paradise for rafting and catamaran rafting lovers. The Ural Mountains, Altai Mountains and Caucasus Mountains are famous for their hiking and equestrian trails.

Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world fell in love with the unique local scenery on the first kilometer and are ready to return here again and again. Well-trained travelers here provide more complex mountaineering and mountaineering activities. The unique and beautiful scenery there makes them linger again and again.

With that said, here are the top five activities you can do in Russia:

1. Hiking

Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

If you like hiking, you should check out the Altai region. It is a vast region that is spread over four countries. The countries are Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan. This region is excellent for hiking, rafting and horseback riding. If you are looking for fun outdoor activities, you should visit this region. Along with hiking, you can indulge in other activities too.

Furthermore, you will see the waterfall, caves, dense forest, turquoise-looking lakes, and glaciers. You can do a seven-to-ten-day hike in Mt. Belukha. It is the highest mountain in the Russian Altai region. Note that the weather there is unpredictable. So, it will be good if you are well-prepared before you start to hike. 

2. Rafting

Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

Another adventure you can do is rafting. The Ural region is a popular spot for this type of activity. This place is massive and offers multiple activities. For rafting, the river Vishera is a popular spot. You can plan a seven-day trip and visit beautiful remote areas.

You can also go kayaking if you don’t like to raft. If you are looking for a full-fledged adventure, you should visit this region. Also, the natural landscape makes the experience more fun. 

3. Ice Diving

Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

Lake Baikal is known for its deepest lake in the world. The lake is situated in Siberia, and it gets frigid during winter. Also, during winter, the lakes freeze, giving a mesmerizing view. And if you are looking for an adventure, ice diving in Baikal Lake is worth mentioning.

The ice layer gets around 1.5m – 2.0 m, and it is hard to make a hole. For ice diving, you need to wear a dry suit. Also, the best time to do ice diving is during February and March. During these months you will get to see more sun and ice layer is thick. It is one fun adventure, and it’s worth trying.

4. Mountain Climbing

Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

Another great adventure you can do in Russia is to climb Mt. Elbrus. It is one of the top outdoor activities in Russia. Also, you don’t have to pay a fee to climb this mountain. The height of the mountain is 5640m, and it can be difficult to climb due to harsh weather. Before you climb, make sure that you have all the essential gears.

The climb to this mountain is not so technical. But in some places, you will have to use rope, crampons, and an ice ax. Anyway, people at the rescue service office will teach you how to use all these gears. 

5. Skiing 

Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia

If you like skiing, you can go to the red valley. It is a popular spot for snowboarding and skiing. The place was also a venue for the winter Olympics in 2014. Furthermore, it is an excellent place for skiing because of its diverse and vast slopes. Moreover, the valley is just splendid, and it’s like a mini paradise. This place is worth visiting if you like to indulge in snowboarding or skiing. It’s an ideal place to showcase your skiing skill. In addition, you can enjoy the scenic views.

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