Wanda Metropolitano Stadium: Everything You Need to Know

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium match

Are you planning to watch a match at the Wanda Metropolitano? — if yes, then this blog is for you. 

As a football fan, you might already know how electrifying the atmosphere of this stadium is. The roar of the crowd and the excitement of watching your favorite team in one of the most modern stadiums in the world is an experience that stays with you forever.

Hence to make your experience memorable and more exciting get ready to dive into an adventure that goes beyond 90 minutes. 

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know to fully enjoy a match here. From the electrifying stadium atmosphere to the delicious food options, the guide will take you on a comprehensive tour of the stadium’s heart.

Let’s dive in. 

About Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

Wanda Metropolitano, home of Atlético de Madrid, is not just a stadium; it’s a mecca for football lovers. Originally built in 1994 as Estadio de la Peineta, this stadium underwent major renovations to become a world-class stadium and was renamed Wanda Metropolitano. The stadium seats over 70,000 fans and is designed to offer excellent views from every seat.

Located in Madrid’s San Blas-Canillejas district, it is easily accessible by public transport. Importantly, Wanda Metropolitano has hosted major events, including the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final. The stadium’s advanced facilities and modern architecture make it a premier venue for football and concerts.

Entertainment Option 

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium has a plethora of other entertainment options besides live entertainment viewing. The options such as interactive experiences, gaming, and pre-game festivities featuring live music, exciting performances and activities during the break to maintain enthusiasm during halftime presentations.

Persuasively, there is post-match entertainment to make sure your match-day experience lasts long beyond the final whistle. This entertainment includes celebrating or relaxing in the local clubs and restaurants after the game.

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium also offers a plethora of other entertainment alternatives, including merchandise stores, kid-friendly zones, stadium tours, and fan interaction activities.

All things considered, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium is more than simply a venue for football games. It is a thriving center of happiness and excitement that leaves a lasting impression on all football fans.

Hotel and Restaurant Options

hotel in San Blas Madrid

Finding the perfect hotel in San Blas Madrid enhances your match-day experience at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. Several hotels in San Blas Madrid offer comfortable stays with easy access to the stadium and other attractions.

Hotels in San Blas Madrid:

List of hotels in San Blas Madrid is as follows: 

Hotel ILUNION Alcalá Norte: 

Located a short distance from the stadium, this hotel offers modern rooms with excellent amenities. Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant serving a variety of dishes. The hotel’s proximity to public transport makes it easy to explore Madrid.

Crowne Plaza Madrid Airport: 

Ideal for travelers, this hotel provides spacious rooms with contemporary decor. Enjoy the convenience of an on-site restaurant, bar, and fitness centre. The hotel also offers a shuttle service to the airport and nearby attractions.

Ibis Madrid Calle Alcalá: 

Ibis Madrid is a budget-friendly option that offers clean and comfortable rooms. The hotel features an on-site restaurant, a 24-hour bar, and free Wi-Fi. It’s a great choice for those looking to stay close to Wanda Metropolitano without breaking the bank.

AC Hotel by Marriott Madrid Feria: 

Known for its stylish decor and modern amenities, this hotel offers a premium experience. Guests can enjoy a fitness center, bar, and Mediterranean restaurant. Its location near the IFEMA Convention Center and the stadium makes it a popular choice.

Restaurant Options:

Casa Nemesio: A short walk from the stadium, Casa Nemesio offers a wide range of Spanish cuisine. Enjoy seafood, tapas, and traditional dishes in a cozy setting. The restaurant’s friendly atmosphere and delicious food make it a favorite among locals and visitors.

El Brasero de Don Pedro: This popular grill restaurant is known for its hearty portions and high-quality meats. Located near the stadium, it’s perfect for a pre- or post-match meal. The rustic decor and friendly service add to the dining experience.

La Gran Pulpería: Specializing in Galician cuisine, La Gran Pulpería offers a unique dining experience. Try their famous octopus dishes and other seafood specialties. The relaxed atmosphere and excellent service make it a great spot to enjoy a meal before heading to the game.

Vips: For a more casual dining option, Vips provides a diverse menu with everything from burgers to pasta. Located close to the stadium, it’s convenient for grabbing a quick bite. The family-friendly environment makes it suitable for all ages.

Nearby Attractions:

Plenilunio Shopping Mall: If you have extra time, visit the Plenilunio Shopping Mall. It features numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Enjoy a meal at one of the many dining establishments or catch a movie at the cinema.

El Capricho Park: For a relaxing break, explore El Capricho Park. The park offers beautiful gardens, sculptures, and historic buildings. It’s a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Whether you prefer a luxury hotel or a budget-friendly stay, you’ll find suitable accommodations at San Blas Madrid to make your visit memorable. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of staying in this vibrant neighbourhood, and explore the rich culinary scene to complete your match-day experience.

Food and Drinks 

A variety of food and drinks is available around the streets and within the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. You can enjoy the Spanish favorites that include bocadillos, tapas, and churros. Additionally, you can savour the international flavour of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. 

Around the streets of the stadium, there are various international restaurants available that serve global dishes offering something for every taste. Moreover, you can also find a variety of options for food and drinks in the nearby area of the stadium. 

The other options for food and drinks include cafes for hot and cold beverages, dessert cafes, kids and family-friendly restaurants, local food stalls and more. 

Official Merchandise

Around the stadium and its surroundings, many merchandise shops are available, which offer team jerseys, including special edition ones. Plus, various accessories like keychains, mugs, and phone cases are also available.

Near the main gate of the stadium, you can also find merchandise shops that offer jerseys and accessories. Additionally, you will find numerous shops near the stadium selling training suits, shoes, socks, kids’ apparel, and signed memorabilia.

Pro tip: If you want to purchase an original jersey, it’s best to arrive early at the stadium store on match days. Remember to keep an eye out for advertisements outside the store for discounts and special offers.

Ready for Match Day at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium? 

We conclude the article on Wanda Metropolitano Stadium here, in this blog we learned about the history, atmosphere, and surroundings of the stadium. With this overview, you can now enjoy an immersive and unforgettable matchday experience at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or simply looking for an unforgettable sporting experience, Wanda Metropolitano promises an adventure like no other. 

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