Check Out Some Best Travel Tips for Flying Like a Pro

Tips for Flying Like a Pro

Travelling is always a somewhat stressful experience even for people that are quite used to the ordeal. However, this is nothing that some pro tips and preemptive planning won’t fix! It always helps to be prepared as you never know what might happen before, during, or after a flight. You could fall ill, have a long layover or deal with any number of inconveniences. These expert tips will keep you sane, prepared and a very effective pro flyer. Let’s see some best travel tips for flying like a pro.

Time Is of the Essence

Tips for Flying Like a Pro

A tip that is routinely given to anxious flyers is to arrive early at the airport. This tip works wonders even if you do not suffer from anxiety or forgetfulness. Set alarms, have your luggage and boarding pass by the door, and have transport planned and ready to go so you arrive well in time to the airport and are not running about. Arriving before time means you will be able to get on the plane relaxed and maybe even eat or drink before boarding so you don’t get a dreaded blood sugar crash.

Prevent Stress from the Onset

This may sound obvious but be well versed in the security and baggage rules of your airlines so you are not stressed out in the security line or causing a ruckus. Many travelers fly only with their carry-ons to prevent the constant checking in!

As is standard practice, always ensure all your liquids are under 100mls in your carry-on and pack them inside Ziploc bags. Now is not the time to get large items or buy them at the airport because they will be confiscated.

Head on over to the security with your boarding pass (you can always save time if you print it yourself beforehand if you have that option). You can locate your gate through the signs present in the airport. This is why arriving before time helps!

Always be considerate of other people down the line and move as swiftly as possible. Remove all metal pins, jewelry, belts, etc. Put other small items and/or electronic items like laptops and phones on the tray. Remember the carry-on and small items need to be separated, you can then proceed towards the metal scanner.

Sensible Packing for Pros

Tips for Flying Like a Pro

Regardless of how experienced you are, you might be one of those people that needlessly over-pack because they are not packing mindfully or carefully. Most people (if they really tried) could fit all their necessities into carry-on luggage and save a bunch of time and fees.

Consider packing neutral items like jeans or beige trousers that go with several different tops. Outfits you can dress up or down are also a blessing as a couple of accessories can totally change the look. You can always use hotel laundry so don’t pack all the clothes you own.

If you don’t have bright orange luggage, consider tying a bow or a colorful ribbon on your suitcase so you can spot it from afar as it comes on the conveyor belt. An additional tip is to make your boarding pass (screenshot it) your screensaver or easily accessible on your phone so you aren’t fumbling around.

Your Gut Is Your Second Brain

Airplane food enjoys a nefarious reputation for being unhealthy. Depending on how long you are going to be on a flight and your own personal needs (blood sugar, health-related, or simply how frequently you get very hungry) you should pack healthy snacks and even meal replacement options for before, during, and after your flight.

Keep nutritious options like granola bars, kale chips, seaweed strips, or packed quinoa salad. Not only will you not be consuming junk food but you’ll be setting a good example for yourself for future trips.

Seats, Bookings, Comfort Level

Tips for Flying Like a Pro

Many people have breathing problems, claustrophobia, travel sickness symptoms, or a range of other health problems that make flights uncomfortable. Gauge your own comfort level and take steps to ensure you have a window seat or even an aisle seat instead of a middle one (you can book in advance online best results).

Furthermore, ascertain what type of seating you can afford, you might find you need to weigh the pros and cons for various airlines such as United economy vs basic economy for United Airlines.

The small steps you can take to ensure you are comfortable during the flight is to keep hydrated, keep basic medicines like painkillers, have aromatherapy products like essential oil roll-ons or face mists as a pick-me-up, and also keep entertained by stocking your tablet or laptop with downloaded movies or documentaries or having a good book at hand. 

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