What is Oakland all About? Know the Places to Visit in this Beautiful City

things to do in oakland

We must have enthusiastically thought of visiting a place and spending our whole weekend there after the end of this current corona-virus pandemic. Today we will be showing the beautiful insights of the city of Oakland. There are plenty of things to do in Oakland. The city is located in the beautiful state of California, and hence, there are plenty of things to do in Oakland ca, and in the vicinity.

One might be confused about how similar San Francisco and Oakland might be, but in reality, that is not the case. Despite being just a few miles away, both are significantly different. So, let us now peep into the insights of Oakland and find the beautiful things that will cherish our memories forever. 

Things To Do In Oakland

Well, if you want to visit Oakland, then there are plenty of routes you can take. But the most common and delightful one is off through the Oakland Airport. The airport is super is not too crowded, the people working there are friendly and the weather is also very clear due to which, there is a minimal amount of delay in flights. 

If you are coming in from San Francisco, then the easiest way for you is to catch up on the Bart train. Every Bart Train going in Oakland’s direction will stop by the city, and hence, proves itself as the best path to reach the place.

If you think about the ways to travel inside the city of Oakland, then there are plenty of methods you can adopt. One of them is using a Bart Train. Yes, Bart Train would take you to almost every corner of the city. Make sure you hop on the correct train and we do prefer that you are using a map if you are new to the city so that you are not lost. 

Also, Oakland has many bike lanes, and hence, you can even bike around the city and visit the nearby areas. Other convenient options are using an electric bike or a ride-sharing application. Both are very famous inside the city and it all gets narrowed down the preferences of an individual. So, let us see what the city is famous for and what are the beautiful places to visit and entertain ourselves.

1. Jack London

things to do in oakland

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One of the best places to visit in the city is Jack London, which gives a beautiful vision of the city. The place is situated in such a way that the bay to San Francisco is visible. Common approaches to visiting the place are using a Canoe and Kayak. You can also visit the nearby Everett & Jones and grab an amazing bite of BBQ.

2. Old Oakland

things to do in oakland

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One of the most beautiful vicinity areas of the city is made up of ancient bricks and Victorian buildings. There is this “Old Oakland Walking Tour” available, which we suggest you take to learn more about the area. There are many local shops and eatery places nearby, so we suggest you break your wheels down, and visit them and see what dishes spices you up!

3. Spending the day at the Lake

things to do in oakland

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Everyone who visits Oakland gets astonished by this gigantic lake located in the center of the downtown portion of the city, named Merritt Lake. It is home to the most ancient wildlife scenarios. There are many ways to enjoy the view of the lake. One of them is completing the 3-mile lake loop. Here, people use a bike or a scooter or maybe just walk around the lake in the early morning making you witness the beautiful lake as well as the city.

Another way is to use a canoe or a kayak. Stop by the Boating center and pick one of your favorite ways of experiencing the water area. Using them, enjoy the beautiful scenes of Oakland from the center of the lake. We also suggest you get binocular with you so that you can witness the whooping more than 70 species of bird which surround Merritt Lake.

4. Hiking in the redwoods

things to do in oakland

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Oakland has one of the most beautiful redwood parks. The park is less crowded and beautiful. Redwoods are old and date back to the 1880s. There are two parks, Oakland Redwood regional one, and Joaquin Miller Park. Both are interconnected through the redwood valleys. Despite being near to the downtown, the parks are significantly peaceful. Use the map properly to get the necessary things and explore the park. 

You can also opt for the Scenic Redwood loop. This loop provides a 4-mile hike, ranging from beautiful valley streams to a viewing point, elevated up the hill giving breath-taking scenarios of the city. The French Loop offers a full-day journey inside the woods. There are plenty more of them so we advise you to look up the best hikes inside the city.

5. Grabbing a bite

things to do in oakland

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Oakland has a unique taste. It has an incredible scenario of food. Exploring the eatery makes you understand the local culture. The people here are very friendly and hence, you will get a lot of insight into Oakland’s culture from them. There are plenty of shops that range from chicken and waffles to vegan soul food as well as mac and cheese. The locals here often eat these things and we suggest that if you visit the beautiful city, do try the local food.

This was all about Oakland’s beautiful places that make the city more attractive. These were some of the things to do in Oakland. We discussed what to do in Oakland and hope so that it will prove beneficial to you if you visit the city shortly. A 5-min journey over the bay differentiating San Francisco and Oakland shows up how different both of them are. Oakland is quite sunny and warm compared to the other. 

We hope that you find the city as attractive and have the same enthusiasm to visit the city as we have to provide this information!

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