Some Amazing Things To Do In Cape Verde

things to do in Cape Verde

Cape Verde also known as Cabo Verde, it is a nation on a volcanic archipelago located off the northwest coast of Africa. Cape Verde is known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, numerous beaches, and traditional morna music. Santiago is the largest island and is home to the current capital named Praia. Santiago is also home to the old capital of Cidade Velha which includes clifftop fortress named Forte Real de São Felipe. Travelila brings you a list of amazing things to do in Cape Verde.

Diving and Snorkeling

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There is a number of diving and snorkeling options for holidaymakers in Cape Verde for the visitors who want to explore Cape Verde beneath the waves. One of the best places to do these things is on the island of Sal which has many opportunities presenting themselves from Santa Maria Beach. 

Stroll Around Santa Maria

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Santa Maria is a beach on the island of Sal which is a colorful and atmospheric place to wander around for a day or two. You can soak up an authentic flavor of Cape Verde or otherwise there are deserts for those who choose to spend their entire trip on the sand. You can discover some of the famous beachside restaurants in Santa Maria.

Go Kite Surfing

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Cape Verde is one of the places which provide a fantastic range of water sports out of which among the most exciting and rewarding are wind sports. Between the month of November and March, the winds can be quite strong on much of the coastline of Boa Vista and Sal and because of these winds; the islands are makers of some superb kite surfing conditions. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, there is ample facilities and tuition available to holidaymakers and visitors who are looking to engage in the sport. There are some of the famous top water sports of the archipelago.

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Hike to a Volcano

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The island of Fogo is superb for those that fancy getting active so stick on your hiking boots and grab your walking poles. There are a number of rewarding activities to attempt on the island among them one of the best has to be trekking in the Cha das Caldeiras which is an adventurous place towards the eerie remains of Pico do Fogo. If you love outdoor adventures you can find out many other places to enjoy across the destination.

Chill on the Beach

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Some people find that relaxing on the beach and have a pleasant vacation so it is the best thing to do during their Cape Verde holiday. There are a number of great coastal spots to choose in Cape Verde like the finest beaches are Santa Maria Beach which is situated on Sal Island. Praia de Chaves on Boa Vista and Santa Monica which is also on Boa Vista. If you want to know more about Cape Verde’s beaches, there are many other famous beaches. 

Quad Biking on Sand Dunes

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Quad biking tours are readily available across Boa Vista and Sal. Many Visitors will follow a strict journey who are guiding you from beach to beach or site to site and while others tend to stick to the island’s impressive sand dunes which are a truly remarkable sight.

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