Everything You Need to Know About Processing Time of an ESTA Application

Processing Time of an ESTA Application

A brief overview of this system, also known as the “visa waiver program,” is necessary before we get into how long you’ll have to wait to get your ESTA confirmation answer, so please bear with us.

It is a relatively new system designed to replace visas and make it easier for travellers to come into the United States. It’s an entirely electronic system since everything is done online and is done so quickly. 

The first need is to be a national of one of the ESTA system member nations. These nations were explicitly chosen by the United States when implementing the system of travel authorisations, and they’ve all signed an agreement assuring that this travel privilege works both ways. An ESTA cannot be applied online if you reside in a nation that isn’t part of this system. Therefore you’ll need to apply for a standard visa.

Another need for utilising the online ESTA system is that you have a valid passport as a means of identification. If your key is modern, it should be an electronic or biometric passport, which is typically the case.

You may not utilise this visa to go to the United States for living, working, or pursuing further education. This kind of circumstance necessitates the use of a special permit.

What Influences the ESTA Processing Process?

Processing Time of an ESTA Application

Technical problems with CBP systems or issues with payment processing, whether due to an applicant’s payment method or the payment systems used by CBP, were often blamed for processing delays. As a result, if an applicant has not heard back from ESTA within 24 hours of submitting their application, they should double-check their application status.

As a result, delays in processing an ESTA application will be more likely if the ESTA website is experiencing technical difficulties. 

Online ESTA Applications Are Processed in How Long?

Let’s now go on to the main topic of this essay, which is the processing time of an ESTA application. If you apply for an ESTA on the weekend, you may expect the application to be processed within 72 hours or three days. The ESTA system relies on digital technology to quickly process applications, streamlining the application processing procedure.

When you apply for an ESTA, you’ll get an email with a response to your application or a confirmation of your travel authorisation.

If you look at the website you used to submit your application, you may find that the time is significantly less. Typically, you may expect to get your confirmation email within a few hours.

You don’t need to print this document and submit a paper copy during your journey since it is an electronic travel authorisation linked to your passport. During boarding and arrival processes, the immigration and customs officials and the airport workers will see this authorisation.

Compared to acquiring a visa, the processing period for an ESTA application is far shorter.

When Is the Best Time to Apply for an ESTA?

Processing Time of an ESTA Application

When applying for an ESTA, applicants are advised to do so at least 72 hours before departure; however, this does not provide enough time to resubmit the application or apply for an appropriate visa. 

This implies that anybody planning a trip to the United States may apply for an ESTA far in advance of their chosen departure date, knowing that their ESTA will still be valid and they won’t have to worry about a looming deadline to process and approve it.

Many travel brokers suggest obtaining an ESTA when purchasing tickets, even months or weeks before the intended departure date. This implies that if your ESTA application is rejected because of a trivial mistake, you may resubmit it.

What Is the Reason for an ESTA Being Rejected or Not Being Submitted?

Processing Time of an ESTA Application

It’s not possible for non-citizens from one of the nations to apply for an ESTA, and when they fill out the digital form with their nationality, it will show that they are ineligible.

The ESTA is designed for short-term visits to the United States, such as vacation trips or business trips. The ESTA is likely to be rejected if any eligibility questions are answered in the affirmative. The questions are posed to establish whether the applicant threatens the United States, either from a security or healthcare cost viewpoint.

Final Thoughts

Because the ESTA system was meant to be completely paperless, it is entirely online. This means that the application must be completed online, and an email answer is given within 72 hours after submission. People who prefer to get their travel authorisations in the form of paper documents may find this electronic or digital procedure unnerving. 

Even though the email answer you get after submitting your ESTA application has no practical significance as an administrative document, you may print a copy and save it for your records. Certain websites that specialise in ESTA application services give the option of having this document sent to you through the mail if you don’t have a printer.

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