Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico

do you need a passport to go to puerto rico

Want to spend this year’s vacation away from the hustle-bustle of your daily life. Check out Puerto Rico for a truly magical vacation experience. Puerto Rico seems like an island paradise for all nature lovers. Filled with exotic beaches and breathtaking scenery, Puerto Rico is being admired all over the world. From its local food to vibrant culture, the place showcases different forms of artwork. Wondering what are the entry requirements for a visit to Puerto Rico? Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico? Fortunately, I have come up with all the answers to your queries. The article covers all the important details that you must know before visiting the place. Continue reading to know all your solutions.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?

do you need a passport to go to puerto rico

Requirements to Visit Puerto Rico boil down to only one question, if you are American or not? Here is your read.

Do I Need a Passport to Go Puerto Rico If I Am American?

Fortunately for most of the tourists, the travel documents and passport requirements are easy. If you are an American and wondering do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico, the answer to your question is “No”? You don’t need a passport or visa to travel to Puerto Rico. Traveling to this island would be the same as traveling to any other US state without requiring any prior documentation.

Puerto Rico is a territory that is categorized as part of the U.S. commonwealth. Hence, it means that it will function the same way as the other U.S states. You may be surprised but yes Puerto Ricans U.S citizens too. However, this is different from a typical territory like Swains Island in American Samoa where you will need a passport.

It is important to note here that while citizens of America don’t require to carry their passport to go to or to return to Puerto Rico, state government mandates to show their Government issued identity proofs. For example, you can show your driver’s license and your birth certificate. You will also notice the taxes and airport fees at reasonable rates; this is because you are traveling domestically like anywhere else in the US.

When Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico Even If You Are American?

do you need a passport to go to puerto rico

There are some circumstances where you need to carry a passport even if you are a US citizen. This is the case especially when you are traveling from a foreign country. For example, if your flight is from Houston to Puerto Rico but through Panama City, you may need to show your passport.

Hence, you must ensure that you have packed your passport in your bag. While this type of itinerary is uncommon, you must come prepared in case such a situation arises. It is always a good idea to use a U.S carrier to avoid issues with cabotage.

Do You Need Passport Puerto Rico If You Are a non- American?

If you are a non-citizen of America, the passport and document requirements are the same as that of any US port entry. As a foreigner from outside the U.S, you will have to show your passport along with other documents right after you land in Puerto Rico.

There will also be a customs search by the Transportation Security Administration for security reasons if its first visit to America from a foreign country. However, customs search doesn’t apply for subsequent trips.

Moreover, there are some more prerequisites along with the passport. Make sure that your passport has two consecutive blank pages before you travel to Puerto Rico. Also, your passport shouldn’t expire for at least 6 months.

Get to Know What to Do If You Need a Visa for Visiting Puerto Rico?

do you need a passport to go to puerto rico

There are some countries in the US where you do not need Visa to enter like Canada, the United Kingdom, and some more but if you want to travel to Puerto Rico and you are not a US citizen then you need to have other passport documentation and that will be your visa.

You have to obtain a Visa from the nearest Embassy of Puerto Rico. The first step is to choose your ideal type of Puerto Rico visa that will depend on the type of travel you are planning. The second step is to pay online and submit the documents. Very important documents are written below:

  •  6 months valid Original Passport having at least three blank pages and also if you have any old passports
  • Two copies of scanned photographs
  • One complete and signed Visa application
  • A letter explaining why you are going to Puerto Rico
  • Original bank statement

After the submission of each document and other information, you will receive your Visa if you are approved.

Considerations Other Than Passport Requirements for Puerto Rico

Here is a list of things that you should consider while planning a trip to Puerto Rico. 

Cell Phone Service

If you are an American it is the same as in the US, you do not need to use an international plan. US phones work perfectly as they do on the mainland. Verizon and AT&T carriers do not charge roaming for voice and text services in Puerto Rico so do not forget your charger. But if you are not an American then you need to have their international plan for your cell phone.


Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, therefore, you need to use dollars. So it is easy for Americans to go for a vacation there without any hassle of changing their currency but for other tourists, you have to change your currency into dollars to pay for hotels or other travel expenditures.


In Puerto Rico, Spanish is the dominant language but English and Spanish both are official languages. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the language because almost everybody in Puerto Rico speaks and understands Basic English.

Although police and government personnel can speak English and Spanish perfectly, in my opinion, you should be fully prepared and brush up on your language skills before visiting anywhere in the world. So if you want a journey without any troubles then you should know a few key Spanish words and some complete sentences.

Credit and Debit Cards

Puerto Rico is one of the best places in the world and to enjoy your visit you need to spend a few bucks. Credit and Debit Cards work properly here. There is no need to worry about credit and debit cards but first, you have to call your credit card company to let them know. If you forgot to do that, your card will be frozen and you will be doomed. In my opinion, you should also carry some cash to keep things handy. 


Spend this year’s vacation while connecting to nature. Puerto Rico offers amazing tropical scenery that will soothe your soul and relax your mind. However, before you get carried away to spend this vacation here, you must be well aware of the passport and other requirements to visit the place.

The above article covers all the solutions for those who are curious over the question: do I need a passport to go Puerto Rico? Plan your trip right to enjoy a smooth holiday this year.

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