Come and Witness the Glory of the Largest Castle in the World

largest castle in the world

Countless stories, unsolved mysteries, proud human history, and drama allure generations towards the astonishing architecture of the largest castle in the world. Some are the symbol of romance but somewhat mystical, some spark the vision of brave knights in shining armors while some narrate the stories of powerful queens. It is the place where witty plots were hatched; murder carried out, royal children born, sacrifices made, marriage vows taken, and whatnot.

It never has shortages of fascinating stories. If you are amongst the folks who are in love with the castle then read on to find out the largest castle in the world that will feast your eyes and will take you back to the bygone ages. So are you ready for the drive?

Without a blink, of course, YES!

Prague Castle


Guinness Book of Record crowns the Prague castle with the title of the largest castle in the world. Even UNESCO included it in its World Heritage site. Currently, it serves as the official building of the Heads of the State. The place attracts over 1.8 million tourists every year. The castle is the witness of many authoritative rulings of Bohemia Kings, Holy Roman rulers, Prague Bishops, and presidents of Czecho-Slovakia.

The castle includes the Romanesque Basilica of St. George, monastery, Gothic St Vitus Cathedral, other palaces, gardens, and towers. Even the famous Bohemian Crown Jewels are also kept in the hidden room of the place. The museum will take you through the rich history of Czech through art and exhibitions. You should surely not miss the Summer Shakespeare Festival while in the city.

Size: 66,761 square meters

Built by: Czech Monarchs in 880 AD

Address: Prazsky hrad, 11908 Prague, Czech Republic.

Visiting hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Malbork Castle

largest castle in the world

UNESCO considered it as the largest castle in the world in terms of land area. Built in the 13th century with the help of bricks at the bank of the Nogat river. Earlier it was used by warrior monks as the headquarter to conduct marches against pagans. In 1466, it was taken over by the Polish monarchy; however, the castle faced heavy damages during World War II. Since it’s been restored in the 20th century, it has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

We are done with the history talk. Let’s now divert our attention to what the castle has to offer to its visitor. Tourists can enjoy the richness and beauty of the castle through its self audio guide. On the western side of the castle is the Grand Masters’ Palace with splendid interiors and a Great Refectory. Amber Museum exhibits a great display of weapons and armor, make sure to peek at St Anne’s Chapel, High Castle, St Mary’s Church, great weapon exhibitions under Polish rule.  

Size: 1,545,600 square feet

Built by: Teutonic Knights

Address: Starościńska 1, 82-200, Malbork, Poland

Visiting hours: 9:00 to 19:00

Mehrangarh Fort

largest castle in the world

Located at 410 feet above the ground and bounded by the thick walls, Mehrangarh Fort is no less than a castle. The fort is guarded by seven unique entrance gates to protect the fort from enemy attack, each built by different rulers. Its stunning structure and beautiful interior stand for the fascinating Indian culture and its richness. The main attractions of the fort include the Phool Mahal, the mirror palace, temple, Moti mahal, museum, and tales praising the bravery and sacrifices. 

Size: 871,876 square feet

Built by: Rao Jodha, founder of Jodhpur city(India)

Address: P.B. No.165, Fort Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

Visiting hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Windsor Castle

largest castle in the world

Windsor Castle is the largest castle in England and the official residence to the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II to spend weekends and vacations here. The place is home to the royal library consist of classical masterpieces of Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. The main attractions of the castle include the dollhouse of Queen Mary, royal towers, state apartments, and a Gothic design chapel. The Royal Standard flag flies high indicates that the queen is visiting the place. This is an amazing place to experience royalty.  

Size: 590,239 square feet

Built by: William the Conqueror

Address: Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1NJ, UK

Visiting hours: 9:45- 17:15

Buda Castle

largest castle in the world

The reason behind the construction of Buda castle was to defend the kingdom from the Mongol invasion. Once the home of the royal family now addresses the Budapest History Museum and Hungarian National Gallery. It is in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The castle gives you a chance to appreciate Matthias Church, the Royal Palace, Faust wine cellar, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the labyrinth. The Festival of Folk Art is not to miss on your bucket list when in Budapest. You can enjoy the mouth-watering food at its restaurant. This beautiful castle is the part of Katy Perry’s music video “Firework”.

Size: 44,674 square meters

Built by: King Béla IV of Hungary

Address: Szent Gyorgy Ter, Budapest 1014, Hungary

Visiting hours: 10:00 to 19:00

Hohensalzburg Castle

largest castle in the world

Built in 1077 AD, this castle is considered the biggest fortress of Central Europe. Built over the clifftop, it gives a mesmerizing view of the city. The beautiful fortress never fails to beat the enemy troops. The beauty of the castle lies in its exterior architecture. The castle features Salzburg Bull (a house of large aerophone) made of 200+ pipes, Golden Hall, the chapel of Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach, Bed Chamber, and Golden chamber.

The fearless and eye-catching landmark attracts thousands of visitors annually. Learn about the amazing archbishops through its museum exhibits. The castle is once in lifetime experience place to visit to experience royalty and beauty in the lap of beautiful Austria. 

Size: 586,880 square feet

Built by: Archbishops of Salzburg, Austria

Address: Monchsberg 34, Salzburg 5020, Austria

Visiting hours: 9:00 to 19:00

Concluding Words

Come and peep into the history and royalty of these royal biggest castles in the world. Make sure to visit the place once in a lifetime. So, what do you think about these largest castles? Are you the one who naturally drew closer towards these beautiful architectures while we were discussing them in this piece of content? Let us know about your favorite castle in the comment section below and make sure to read Travelila for all travel guides and tips. 

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