Best Time to Go to Costa Rica: Between January to December

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Wondering what is the best time to go to Costa Rica? Well, there is no bad time to visit as it’s a beautiful country. It is without a doubt one of the most exquisite countries in Central America; housing rich multi-species, thrilling activities, ethnic cuisines, breathtaking natural scenery, and not to forget its glamorous side too. It’s no surprise, given that there’s something for everyone when it comes to vacationing in Costa Rica. 

But when it comes to a direct answer the best time to go to Costa Rica might differ from individual to individual, you might want to research beforehand about the Costa Rica weather by month and what it can offer. Let us make your decision-making process much simpler by giving you a comprehensive guide on what is the best time to go to Costa Rica. 

Dry Season vs Green Season

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Costa Rica has two tropical seasons—the “dry” or “high” season in Costa Rica ranges from mid-December to April, while the “green” or “rainy” season lasts the remainder of the year. The dry season is the peak season for tourism, with plenty of suns and the occasional rain shower. The rainy season is, unsurprisingly, extremely wet, downpours might persist for hours and thunderstorms are prevalent. But this might be the best time of year to visit Costa Rica with numerous advantages, including lower accommodation rates, fewer visitors, and more active animals. 

Don’t be worried about the downpours ruining your holiday plans. As Costa Rica is a tropical country different parts of the country receive varied weather patterns, it all relies on which locations you visit and the month. 

Climate: Month by Month

January: Best Time of Year to Visit Costa Rica  

The month of January is unquestionably the best time to go to Costa Rica. The weather is beautiful throughout the tropical country, although lower rainfall, the terrain is still dominated by the green season. It’s bitterly cold in the north. As most people love to visit Costa Rica in January because of the weather and the extended holidays of New Year, it reflects in the high season rates. Most hotels and lodges add a holiday surcharge for January, reflecting this popularity.

February: Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica 

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February is almost as popular as January as the weather contributes to being warmer and dry, but there aren’t any peak season surcharges as there are during Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The entire Pacific coast is bathed with sunshine, from Tamarindo through Manuel Antonio to Drake Bay. Moreover, the Envision festival takes place in late February where thousands of international tourists flock to Uvita, a small town in Costa Rica, each year for yoga, fire dancing, and live music.

March and April

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The dry season in Costa Rica begins in March and lasts until April end. Costa Rica’s western and central regions offer sunny skies, little rain, and remarkably low humidity making it the best time to travel to Costa Rica. The months of March and April are the hottest in Costa Rica, especially on the western side. 

Even if you do get trapped in the rain or downpours in tropical climates they tend to come and go swiftly without bothering your plans. This weather is perfect for people who wish to go surfing on the beaches. 

When it comes to events and festivals of Costa Rica in March and April, it can be a calm or bustling month, depending on when Easter falls. If Easter arrives early, you may become engrossed in the amazing festivities.


In Costa Rica, May marks the start of the rainy season after the dry season. This commencement of the green season in May provides a welcome relief from the extreme dry season’s heat. The rainy season usually takes its time to arrive, as a result, early May is frequently confused with the dry season but it’s a transition month. Because it is the first month of the low season, hotel room rates in May are typically 20% to 30% less expensive than in the dry season.


Even though it is the second month of Costa Rica’s rainy season, it begins mildly, making most days bright and sunny. As the rain awakens the jungle to live, everything begins to look considerably greener. June is the low season in Costa Rica, making it a fantastic time to visit some of the country’s most famous sites that are otherwise usually crowded during the dry season.

July and August 

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The weather in July and August is usually nicer than in the months before and later. But in August it is noticeably rainier and wetter. However, a dry weather condition is known as vanilla viz. A little summer lasts until early August. The afternoons and nights are rainy, but the mornings are usually clear for your perfect outings. 

The hotel rates are reasonable due to decreased holidays, family summer vacations, and active green season animals, so consider going to popular locations like visiting Arenal National Park and its famous volcano and the surrounding hot springs.


September is one of Costa Rica’s two rainiest months, October is the other. The South Pacific is the rainiest area in Costa Rica in September, thus during the rainy season, many businesses in these areas simply close their doors. But the density of rain differs from region to region, like in the Caribbean coast region you enjoy the warm sunshine and calm seas. 

Apart from this, September is turtle nesting season, when hundreds of beautiful sea turtles deposit their eggs on the shores of the beach. This nesting season attracts many naturalists, environmentalists, and tourists for nightly sea turtle tours.


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October is an unusual month to visit Costa Rica in terms of weather, with the Pacific area having the greatest rainfall of the year. For hotel room rates, during the green season, the rates are typically 20-30% lower than high season rates at most Pacific side hotels. However, coastal towns in the north, such as Tamarindo and Playa Flamingo, receive far less rain than those in the south, you will also experience the nicest and warm weather there.


November is a transition month when the weather has subsided. But the actual start of the rainy season varies greatly across the country. By mid-November, the dry season is usually here in Northwest Costa Rica. The northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the ideal area to visit in November as it is the country’s driest region—Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo, and Playa del Coco are all great beaches to visit. Also, note that November is a busy season in Costa Rica that begins at the end of November and the crowds have begun to arrive when holidays provide a fantastic excuse to getaway. 


Costa Rica is at its most beautiful stage in December, as it’s also the peak tourist season. The month of December is known for its pleasant weather with plenty of sunshine, rainforests, and sun-kissed beaches. That attracts a large number of Costa Ricans as well as visitors from other countries. Our recommendation is to plan ahead of time for your holiday travels to secure the best hotel room rates and take advantage of the season. One of the most delightful sights to see is the vegetation of Guanacaste, the country’s most arid region, which begins to turn golden.

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Final Thoughts

Costa Rica is a tropical country, expect rain at any time of year, even during the dry season. Costa Rica’s lush and gorgeous landscape is due to its abundant rains. When it boils down to deciding the best time to visit Costa Rica you are the best person to determine. Visit during the dry season if you think a rainy day will ruin your vacation. The green season is an excellent choice if you want to see Costa Rica’s lush green glory. On a final note, every day, regardless of when or where you go, check the weather forecast because it’s a tropical country, and sun and rain might strike at any time.

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1. What Is the Rainy Season in Costa Rica Like?

A typical rainy season day in Costa Rica is sunny in the morning and rainy and gloomy in the afternoon. It can rain in the morning in hilly, high-elevation places, and it is frequently gloomy and rainy by late afternoon as rainfall is more frequent in rainforest locations, 

Costa Rica’s rainy season lasts from the beginning of May until the end of November. Except for the Caribbean coast, September and October are the rainiest months in Costa Rica. 

2. When Is the Ideal Time to Visit Costa Rica If You Want to Save Money?

Visiting Costa Rica is most affordable during the low season, particularly during May, June, September, October, and November, when lodging costs are lowest. During the off-season, activities, sights, tours, excursions, and transportation services are usually fewer.

Trips should be avoided in December, January, February, March, and April as these are the holiday seasons. You’ll likely be spending more on flights and lodgings if you visit during these months,

3. When Is the Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica?

According to experts, the best months to visit Costa Rica are May and November. Because May and November fall between peak season and off-season, the tourist footfalls are fairly less and the hotel rooms prices are reasonable. Rain is possible, especially in early November but it can be enjoyed while exploring the landscape of Costa Rica. You can also visit in July or August if you want to experience the rich forest and wildlife.

But if you are looking for that “holiday perfect month” go for December and January with multiple events taking place along the beaches of Costa Rica. In general, there is never a terrible time to visit Costa Rica!

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