Best Resorts In Bangalore For Couples of 2024

best resorts in Bangalore for couples

Couples always try to give surprises and to go to romantic nostalgia amidst nature and Bangalore has everything a couple of needs. Won’t it make a perfect date when you and your love of life share a glass of wine over some romantic chats backed with aromatic and beautiful scenery? looking for the best resorts in Bangalore for couples?

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Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort

This place is a unique cave resort looking for the best resort in Malaysia and is translated as “heart of the cave”. The entrance of the place is like a cave tunnel and there is a gigantic hall designed like a cave. The couples can have a great time here by doing a romantic rain dance, trekking, and playing various games.

They can also dine in exotic restaurants. Guhantara is a perfect blend of modern as well as the authentic atmosphere with the exotic bar on one hand and Agastya Kuteera (spa) on other hand. They also have a beautiful cave-like room for couples. This place is truly one of its kind and is a lifetime experience to have for couples.

Prakruti Resorts & Spa: One Of The Best Resorts In Bangalore For Couples

Prakruti Resorts & Spa

Prakruti resort is the best for its Exquisite architecture and opulent services. This place offers the most extravagant experience to couples who actually want to enjoy a fun romantic holiday.

This place is spread across 7 acres of lush green surroundings having beautiful rooms that are backed by natural surroundings, adventure activities, and Ayurveda spa treatment. You can also have fun with your partner with thrilling activities like paintball, BMX challenge, zorbing, and ATV rides.

Golden Palms Resort

Golden Palms Resort

This premium resort is on the outskirts of Bangalore across 14 acres of lush green scenery. It has more than a hundred deluxe rooms with some exclusive presidential suites. This resort is one of the most loved resorts in Bangalore and we do have reasons for this love.

This resort has the biggest swimming pool in the country, has numerous options to dine and drink, fun and games. This 5-star resort attracts couples with its remarkable infrastructure.

ITC Gardenia Bangalore: One Of The Best Resorts In Bangalore For Couples

ITC Gardenia Bangalore

Luxury, Dynamic, Grandeur, Lavish, and exotic is all ITC Gardenia is all about. This place compliments the name Garden city and it has a modern touch which makes it perfect for couples.

There are a grand swimming pool, luxurious rooms and presidential suites, a gym, and multiple cuisines in this hotel. Couples can also have a customization with respect to reservations, food, and spa therapy.

Urban Valley Resort and Spa

Urban Valley Resort and Spa

This place is ideal for couples who are looking for a pleasant water-filled experience.  Urban Valley is the lakeside resort located on the outskirts of the city and has a candid retreat. The serene ambiance, appealing outlook, aqua adventure activities, lavish accommodation, and leisure activities make this place ideal for couples.

This was Travelila’s list of best resorts in Bangalore for couples which are perfect and romantic setup and truly complement the name Garden City of India. We have done our job now when are you taking your partner out?

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