Best Places To Visit In Ireland

best places to visit in Ireland

Most of the island of Ireland is occupied by the Republic of Ireland. It is situated on the coast of England and Wales. Oscar Wilde, the famous writer was born in Dublin. Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is also considered as the home of Guinness beer. The land has earned the sobriquet the emerald isle due to its mild climate and frequent rainfall. It also has a large land of rolling greenery, mountains, and Celtic ruins.

Here we will talk about the best 15 spots which are considered as the best places to visit in Ireland. These spots are chosen on the basis of a tourist’s feedback.

Cliffs of Moher:

Cliffs of Moher: best places to visit in Ireland


If someone is asking for the most visited natural attraction of Ireland then the answer is Cliffs of Moher. It is a petrified bulwark of stone that rises from the swells of the great Atlantic Ocean. Meadows of verdant green grass are the trademark of this island. Cliffs of Moher is covered by these Meadows on the top and water of Galway bay strikes at the lower part. The height of the Cliffs of Moher is 120 feet. And it offers a dramatic view of the coastline and Aran island.  With the help of the sandstone and shale, it offers the travelers to uncover hundreds of Geological history of millions of years.


Sligo: best places to visit in Ireland


It is a small town in the Republic of Ireland. It is famous for its pretty townhouses of the 19th century. Also, it offers a package of the charming medieval core, arched stone bridges, and lichen-spotted abbey. Knocknarea Mountain is the mythic resting place of queen Maedbh which covers this city with its outstanding natural beauty and nature. Also, it offers some breath-taking wonderful views of Pebble beaches and salt-sprayed towns.

Boyne Valley:

Boyne Valley: best places to visit in Ireland


Starting from County Kildare to the Irish Sea this valley is stretched for around 110 miles. The Boyne Valley of Ireland often compared with France’s Loire and also with Belgium’s Meuse. This valley increases the beauty of the Emerald Isle with it’s beautiful and green belt.

Newgrange monument and the crumbling walls and gatehouses of Trim Castle can be found between the borders of Boyne Valley. If any individual wants to escape from the city life for a fine natural escape then they can easily move to Boyne Valley, which is easily accessible from Dublin.


Dingle: best places to visit in Ireland


It is the capital of its own peninsula which stands in the swells of the Atlantic. The city of Dingle is stood between the beaches and cliffs of County Kerry and the ridges of the revered pilgrimage spot of Mount Brandon. The main communication Language of Dingle is Irish. And also another main reason for the attraction is the whiskey from the local distillery. Also, it offers Conor a pass and goes dolphin spotting. And that will make your trip a perfect honeymoon vacation!

Blarney Castle:

Blarney Castle: best places to visit in Ireland


The castle carries the mark of battlements from the 1200s. Some areas are reconstructed now. On the side of the castle, the tall neo-gothic Blarney House stands. It is famous for its historical touch.


Limerick: best places to visit in Ireland


Limerick has spread over the banks of River Shannon. Also, it widens to meet the Atlantic on the western haunch of Ireland. This place is normally overlooked by travelers due to its natural draws. It also shows its love for rowdy Guinness pubs and also for the game of rugby. It is considered Ireland’s national city of culture. Also, it includes spots like the Belltable Arts Centre.

The Aran Islands:

The Aran Islands: best places to visit in Ireland


It is found in the bay of Galway. Icy rollers of the Atlantic Ocean and coastal rocks can be found here. It covers the maximum wild and untouched area of Ireland. It is spread over three islands of Ireland, which are Inishmore, Inisheer, and the large Inishmaan. Travelers can easily witness blooms of red clover and Arctic flowers. The town includes hearty pubs and islander farmers’ markets and the clachans. Also, it features ruins of spots like Dun Aengus, which is believed to be carrying the mark of the Bronze Age.

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County Kerry:

County Kerry: best places to visit in Ireland


It is famous for the Ring of Kerry scenic drive. It spread over 1000 meter high Macgillycuddy’s Reeks. It features several lakes and mountains and also a beautiful scenic view.

Burren National Park:

Burren National Park: best places to visit in Ireland


It spread over 15 square kilometers through County Clare. One can easily witness the best and unforgettable landscape of the country in the Burren national park. The area is fully covered with rare flowers and plants. Also, it is a paradise for birdwatchers.

The Republic of Ireland offers an unforgettable natural scenic view with the mark of history. One can also be able to witness wild animals and rare flowers. So if anyone wants to enjoy nature by getting rid of city life, then Ireland is the best choice for their traveling destination. And in their travel guide, they must have to include these 15 best places to visit in Ireland

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