World’s Most Extravagant And Delightful Hotel

most expensive hotels in the world

Introduction:A hotel is an inauguration that arranges paid lodging and facilities (a good room, high-quality bed, television, refrigerator, cooking facilities, good qualities furniture etc.) on a short-term basis. But low priced hotels may offer you the basic services and facilities.

Types of Hotel:

The hotel operation varies in cost, size, and functions. To classify the hotel types most hotels and hospitality companies that operate hotels have set widely accepted industry standards. Here I am showing you some general categories about hotels and also some of theLuxuryBoutioue And Lifestyle HotelsFull-serviceFocused Or Select ServiceEconomy And Limited ServiceExtended StayTimeshare And Destinations ClubMotelMicro Star

Unique And Extravagant Hotel In The World:

Historic Inns And Boutique Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

The arrangement of Boutique hotels is totally unique environment settings. Through tradition, some hotels gained their renown. Through popular culture, some hotels gain public consciousness. An example such kind of hotel is Ritz hotel Inn London.

Resort Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

At casinos, amusement park and holiday resort to creating a captive trade they built specifically a destination in itself. A tradition of one-upmanship with luxurious and extravagant hotels in a concentrated area is common in Las Vegas Strip.

Bunker Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

The former nuclear bunkers transformed into hotels is in the Null Stern Hotel in Teufen, Appenzeller land and Switzerland and the mushroom in Albania.

Cave Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

 In Cappadocia, Spain, Gadixin several countries if you are going for travel, you could see cave hotels. For being built natural cave formation turkey is the best. There have some underground rooms. The desert cave hotel is built into the remains of an opal mine.

Cliff Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

Without the feeling of total isolation these hotels give you a super privacy. They offer unobstructed panoramic views to the tourist.

Capsule Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

Economical hotels belong to the capsule hotel. These hotels are first introduced in Japan. In a capsule hotel, people can sleep in stacks of rectangular containers.

Day Room Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

Roadway Inn and suites near the Port Everglades is an example of day room hotels. It is in the Fort Lauderdale. They give daytime services to Travelers.

Ice, Snow And Igloo Hotels:

 most expensive hotels in the world

In Sweden, the ice hotels are seen. In every winter it is built it melts in every spring. The ice hotel in the Jukkasjarvi is the first ice hotel in the world.

Garden Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

Before they became hotels they were famous for their gardens include Gravetye manor.

Referral Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

The referral hotels are basically hotel chains they offer branding to independently operated the members of the group, they own itself. Best Western is the largest surviving member owned.

Love Hotels:

The type of love hotel is short stay hotels around the world. For the purpose of allowing guests privacy for sexual activities, these hotels are operated. Couples can stay one to two hours and they also have the option to overnight stays. Over 400 years the love hotels have a history in Japan.

Railway Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

The great western hotel in London is the first recorded purpose-built railway hotel. In 1844, on the reading railway station, it was built. Its line from London after the great western railway opened.

Straw Bale Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

The first straw bale hotel was built in Europe. The mane of the hotel is Maya guesthouse in nax mont-Nobel in the Swiss Alps. It needs no conventional heating or air conditioning system due to the insulation values.

Transit Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

Example of a short-stay hotel is transit hotels. These hotels are mainly used at the international airport.  To change airplanes passenger can stay here. Visa is not required for stay or readmission through security checkpoints.

Tree House Hotels:

With living trees and structural elements some hotels are built. Pitea, Sweden there has many examples of expensive tree hotels. Name of some tree hotels is Costa Rica, the treetops hotel in Aberdare national park.

Underwater Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

Some hotels were built in underwater. Utter inn, Hydropolis hotel is under water hotel.

Over Water Hotels:

most expensive hotels in the world

A resort island is an overwater hotel. The most over water bungalows resorts are in the Maldives.

Top Most expensive hotel in the world:

most expensive hotels in the world

Every people who could afford a huge amount of money they choose expensive hotels. Because they have any kind of unique facilities. Which you can’t get into a low price hotel. More facilities with more money. If you are a huge amount of money then you will enjoy the unique interesting facilities. I give you some hotel names as an example and I assure you that they are so unique. The management of their hotel is very unique compared to the others and don’t have any bad record. Here the name of those hotels: Iaucala island, Delana hilltop estate, Fiji the royal villa, the grand report Lagonissi, Athens, the royal suite, the penthouse suite, Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, Cannes, Shangri-La suite, Shangri-La, Istanbul, palms casino resort hotel and Las Vegas presidential suites in the New York and others hotels are Warner penthouse, and four-season house in New York. At the hotel president Wilson in Geneva the royal penthouse suite hotel built.

Benefits Of Expensive And Luxury Hotels:

  • If you are a luxury Traveler then in those hotels they have a facility of welcome their tourist in a different way. They pay extra value and attention to the travelers.
  • They also provide a better service for you. A good service matters most in hotels and casinos. And this the important reason why the luxurious hotels are a most wanted hotel by travelers.
  • When we travel than after a full day traveling the Travelers need to sleep well at night. In those hotels, you could feel that the place of the hotel is too pleased that you could sleep properly. They fill the room with blackout shades and that makes the hotel darker in the mid of the day also.
  • They provide good workers and their behavior is so polite with the travelers. They provide good VIP and loyalty perks. And loyalty matter most.
  • If the room they provide to you doesn’t suit then there is a facility to move your rooms easily.
  • If you cancel your reservation due to some important reason then no fees needed. And this is good for you. If even your plan change suddenly they don’t demand any kind of fees.
  • They don’t demand any kind of security deposit. If you want to celebrate some party and all then they don’t demand extra charges.
  • They are reliable for checking in.
  • In those hotels, you could found many kinds of unique activity. And I am sure that you will enjoy it the most.
  • For kids, they provide a complimentary kids club.  And this is the great benefit for those families who are staying in the luxurious hotels.

Now it’s your choice what you choose for yourself.