Where Are the Maldives and How Do You Reach There?

Where are the Maldives

Almost every one of you may have heard about the Maldives, but most people only know Maldives because of the celebrities! Yes, it is the favorite destination of many celebrities. Whenever they get time, they go to the Maldives for their vacation. 

In reality, Maldives is much more than a celebrity-favorite destination, so let’s know more about the Maldives. 

The Maldives is a small but beautiful island country in the South-Asia region, so now you know where are the Maldives. It consists of 1200 islands, making it one of the best tropical destinations in the world. 

Besides celebrities, the country is also the hot favorite of couples; many newlywed couples visit the Maldives to enjoy their honeymoon. Also, they book their flight to the Maldives when they want to spend their time. 

Where are the Maldives?

Where are the Maldives

It is important to know where are the Maldives exactly. The island is located in the Indian ocean. Over 500 miles from North to South, the 26 atolls that make up the Maldivian Archipelago constitute a natural barrier in the Indian Ocean. It is situated around 600 miles off the Asia continent; you can find India & Sri Lanka most close to the Maldives. 

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in the Maldives?

There are many best places in the Maldives for spending vacation time. The map of the Maldives is divided into northern, central, and southern atolls; each has a unique set of attributes and charm. 

Northern Atolls

Where are the Maldives

It consists of north and Male south atolls. The Northern Atolls are filled with white sand islands and famous locations and have pleasant weather almost yearly.         

Ideal places to stay in northern Atolls: You can stay in the Adaaran prestige ocean villas in the Lhohifushi can go to Hanimaadhoo’sHanimaadhoo’s northern coastlines to relax and rejuvenate at the barefoot Eco Hotel. 

Central Atolls

Where are the Maldives

The Central Atolls are a surfer and beach lover’s paradise despite being less visited than their counterparts in the north and south. There will be less crowd at the pristine islands, so you can relax and enjoy more at this place. 

The ideal place to stay in central Atolls: Six senses is the only resort on its eponymous atoll and guarantees the most opulent, genuine Maldives vacations. You can also plan your intimate stay at the Niyama private islands on the Olhuveli island in the Dhaalu Atoll. 

Southern Atolls

Where are the Maldives

Southern allots are home to some fantastic spots to enjoy and many good resorts here. 

Ideal places to stay in southern atolls: You can stay at one of the world’s deepest atolls at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa. On the spotless island of Gaafu Alifu, you have access to a private beach, and the opulent resort goes all out.

Best Time to Visit the Maldives

Where are the Maldives

Best time to visit the Maldives cannot be perfectly defined, as many people prefer different temperature. The temperature of this beautiful country stays around 25 to 28 degrees due to its proximity to the equator, making it a great place to spend your holidays.

There may be some difference in temperature between northern and southern atolls. The country witnessed the monsoon season from May to October and the dry season from November to April. 

Is There a Requirement for a Visa to Visit the Maldives?

Where are the Maldives

The tourist visa is given to everyone on arrival to the Maldives. So, one does not need pre-approval of the visa. But the person must qualify for the basic entry standards for immigration clearance. 

The basic requirements are as follows:

  1. A valid passport or other travel documents with MRZ that has at least one month left on its validity. 
  2. A hotel reservation or lodging is paid in advance.
  3. Enough funds for backing the Maldives stay.
  4. Confirm return tickets.
  5. Within 96 hours of the flight time, all passengers flying to or from the Maldives must complete and submit a travel declaration. The form must be electronically submitted through IMUGA.

You would be given full permission for 1 month. However, it is not in the visitors’ hands to decide this, but it would be in the hands of Maldives Immigration. 

The stay period will be shown on the passport. Visitors must look for the arrival endorsement in the passport and note how many days are allowed to stay in the Maldives.

Is the Maldives Safe?

Where are the Maldives

As the Maldives is surrounded by water from all sides and for some other reasons, many people doubt whether it is a safe country or not, but let us tell you – it is a totally safe country to visit. 

The crime is also very less, and thus you don’t need to worry even a little while visiting this beautiful country. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Visiting the Maldives

Where are the Maldives

1. Avoiding the Local Culture

When you visit the Maldives island, you must enjoy the country’s local culture. It may be known due to its islands, but it also has a unique culture one must not miss. The culture combines Middle Eastern, African, and Malaysian influences.

People can attend music & dance events or even enjoy the cuisine. You can also plan to explore the village island and the traditional way of life. 

2. Not Visiting the Maldives Till Honeymoon

Yes, Maldives is known for couples and their visit for honeymoon. But it is not that you must not visit it before the honeymoon. Why wait till your honeymoon to visit such a beautiful country? Just arrange funds, pack your bags and take a flight to the Maldives and enjoy travel to this beautiful experience. It would be a wonderful experience for you!

3. Exploring Only Single Island

The country is home to thousands of amazing islands, and if you visit only one island, it will be an injustice to your tour and this country. You can take a boat, explore the islands, and enjoy their beauty.  

4. Not Selecting an All-Inclusive Resort

When you are looking for accommodations in the Maldives, then you must keep in mind that food and drinks will be expensive. You are staying on the island in the Middle of the sea, so obviously, you need to spend more on transportation and other activities in the Maldives. Thus, many people choose an all-inclusive resort, and you should do the same. 

5. Skipping the Bioluminescent Views

The Maldives is known for having nighttime shore lights powered by bioluminescent plankton. Apart from boasting diverse sea life, which includes manta rays, whale sharks, and more than 2000 species of fish. 

If you have to see the magical light program, you must go during plankton high season. At this time, the bioluminescent organism line the shores. 

Interesting Facts About the Maldives

Where are the Maldives

1. Some of the Islands of Maldives Are Man-Made

Most of the islands of Maldives are made through volcanoes, but you will be amazed to know that some of its islands are man-made. Like, Huhulale island, which is the nearest to the main airport in Male, is known to be a man-made island. It was created in 2004 by pouring concrete and sand in large quantities to create a foundation.

2. Every Resort in the Maldives Is Located on Its Own Private Island

It is a fact that every resort in the Maldives is situated on its private island so that you can enjoy the feeling of a remote island. It also means that each island is very small, and you may meet the same people again on the island. However, do note that it will be difficult for you to find means of entertainment like malls and movie theatres.

3. Different Drinking Water

There is limited freshwater in the Maldives due to climate change problems, and thus people are facing the problem of drinking water. The water you drink in the Maldives will probably be recycled and created by reverse osmosis desalination.

4. Not All the Islands of Maldives Are Inhabited

Out of thousands of islands in the Maldives, only 200 are inhabited by people. Even you will find some islands where people’s entry is banned. The inhabited islands are mostly used for farms.

5. Climate Change Is a Big Threat to the Maldives

The beautiful country faces a threat from climate change. Earlier also, many islands disappeared due to natural erosion from the sea and other climate disasters. Apart from this, the lack of drinking water due to the salty sea’s interference with freshwater aquifers will also threaten human life. 

How to Reach the Maldives?

Where are the Maldives

Now, at last, we will tell you how do you get to the Maldives so that you can easily reach here. The male international airport is the major airport that connects the Maldives to many countries of the world.

If we talk about traveling from the US, there may be one stop in between, majorly in Dubai. You can take the Emirates flight, which operates on this route. You will get the flight from all the major cities in the USA. 

Final Thoughts

So, this was our guide to exploring the Maldives for you. We suggest you visit this beautiful country and don’t wait for any event like your honeymoon. 

Just arrange funds, pack your bag and get ready for the amazing trip of your life. We assure you, it would be one of the most memorable trips of your life!

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