Top Things To Do In Chicago For Relax Your Mood

things to do in chicago

There are times when you need to relax and spend time with your dear ones and for this, there is no better place than Chicago. Here is Travelila’s list of best things to do in Chicago to totally feel relaxed and feel-good vibes. Let’s get started.

Millennium Park

things to do in chicago: Millennium Park


The first thing to do here is watch concerts and public art at Millennium Park. This place is one of the most popular gathering spots for such events. The best time to visit this place is in summer when there is a number of free concerts and movie screenings taking place. The winter brings skaters sliding across the ice.

Green Mill

things to do in chicago: Green Mill


For the music lovers, the best way to get relaxed is listening to some quality music and for this, the best place you will find in Chicago is Green Mill where popular Jazz music is catered. The music is performed here by some legendary figures and soulful musicians who mesmerize the listeners backed with a warm atmosphere and late-night jam sessions which include organ players, jazz vocalists, and classic big bands. This place is a boon for music lovers who can have a great time with their loved ones.

The 606

things to do in chicago: The 606


The third-place you can visit in Chicago is The 606, an interesting name right! This is the best place to start your day with a morning walk and end it with late-night fun. This elevated walking trail from Bucktown to Humboldt Park is the best thing that’s happened to Chicago and the localities since 2015.

It is quite a popular place for jogging, walking, etc. If you feel riding is some tedious thing, you must rent a Divvy bike and ride here and it actually is fun, you can thank us later.

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Old Town Ale House

things to do in chicago: Old Town Ale House


For those for whom boozing is relaxing, we also have some great places for you. You don’t actually have to plan for it as it is the feeling that makes you booze. You can surely visit Old Town Ale House for it. This place is a classic bar with a killer jazz jukebox and the most conversation-inducing bar art. Chicago actually has places where you can get good drinks such as Violet Hour-best for cocktail lovers.

Lem’s Bar-B-Q

things to do in chicago: Lem’s Bar-B-Q


A road to a person’s heart is through his stomach and trust us Chicago understands it very well. It has a number of places where you can have tasty foods along with the best services. This place has a variety of dishes from Italian beef at Al’s Beef to awesome ice cream and yogurt at the rainbow cone to classic Chicago style barbecue at Lem’s Bar-B-Q. You will fall in love with Chicago after having these.

Laughter is the best medicine and a trip to Chicago is incomplete without his medicine. How can one relax without laughing? Chicago has some good comedy shows at Improv Olympics where they have free improve shows. Also, The Annoyance Theatre is going to the funniest experience of your life.

And last but not least how can we forget nature lovers? The Lakefront Trail is the place where you can have walking at the banks and also you can go to Oak Street Beach which is situated right in the middle of Gold Coast. All in all, Chicago has something or another for all kinds of people to relax and enjoy.   

Thank you for visiting Travelila. Have a happy journey!

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