How to Take Travel Photos of Yourself? Ultimate Guide

How to Take Travel Photos of Yourself

For a lot of people, solo traveling has been the way for the longest time. While many prefer traveling in groups, there is a whole charm in traveling all by yourself. Sure, it certainly is not an easy thing to do but the best part is that you can have a lot of fun even when you are traveling by yourself.

Furthermore, you will need to understand that if you are traveling solo and you want to take pictures of yourself while doing so, it is entirely possible and yes, that is without any involvement of selfies. I am taking pictures using a camera.

Now, I would normally advise a camera like the Sony A7III or the Sony A7C, or any other compact camera, to begin with. These are really good and work really well because of how compact they are but hey, you will always have choices available that you can use.

How to Take Travel Photos of Yourself When Traveling 

Now, if you have been wondering how to perfectly take photos of yourself while traveling, you would be surprised to know that there are a number of ways through which you can do that and almost all of them are easily accessible and can be done without any confusion, in the first place.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to explore all the ways we can take travel photos of ourselves, and trust me, it is a lot easier than you might think.

Asking Strangers for Some Help 

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The first, and perhaps the easiest way to get things done here is asking strangers to help you out when it comes to taking pictures of yourself. Whenever you are traveling solo, you will find countless people who will be more than willing to help you, this goes for both the natives and other travelers like yourself.

Just make sure that you are asking them to take pictures of you. Hand them your camera or phone, strike a pose, and you are good to go. 

Sure, it might not be the same as taking a picture of yourself because of the creative differences but hey, when you are talking about solo traveling, every single picture counts.

Mirrors and Other Reflective Surfaces


Another great way of ensuring that you are taking great pictures of yourself when traveling is by using mirrors and other reflective surfaces. I do understand that the mirror photography method of taking pictures has been overused to death but hey, it is effective and it has been effective for the longest time.

Plus, now that you have access to ultra-wide cameras, you can actually get a lot more in the shot than just yourself. So, if you have been looking forward to getting the shot in the right way, be sure that you are doing it with as much clarity as possible because the goal is to make the images look really good.

Using a Tripod for the Classic Approach 

use Tripod for photoshoot

Remember, as a solo traveler and a photographer at heart, you should never be afraid to unapologetically take your camera gear with you, and yes, it does involve a tripod as well because after all, how else are you going to take the pictures you want to take, right?

Thankfully, you can get some really great travel tripods in the modern day and age and in most cases, the tripods are really small, compact, and lightweight. Allowing you to easily carry them and put them anywhere. Plus, with your phones now having the luxury to act as remote shutters, the possibilities are endless and they all work really, really well.

If you are finding yourself in such a situation, then using a tripod is a great way to take pictures of yourself. You can even flip the screen so you can see yourself properly, set up a timer, and you are all good to go.

Using GoPro or Other Action Cameras 

Action Cameras

Now, this is something that I would not be suggesting to many people but if you are looking for something that is convenient, easily pocketable, and just works, then using a GoPro or other action camera with appropriate accessories and you would be good to go.

Again, the quality is not something that would be great because of course, you are sacrificing that but hey, the overall size and the ease of access of an action camera are definitely compelling but you must never really forget the limitations that also come with it and that can be an issue for a lot of people.

Using a Wide-Angle Lens

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I believe the best lens for traveling is a wide-angle lens, for instance. I remember I spent some time looking for the best travel lens for Sony A7III and eventually settled for a wide-angle offering. If you are looking for something that just works and works really, really well, then getting your hands on a good wide-angle lens is a great way to go ahead with it.

You can take close-ups of yourself with these lenses and although there will be some warping at the closest distance, it will give a sense of scale, and the pictures will come out looking amazing, too.


How Do You Take Pictures of Yourself When Traveling Solo?

Following the pointers mentioned in this post, you will be able to take great pictures of yourself whenever you are traveling by yourself with ease.

How Should I Pose for a Travel Picture?

Honestly, this entirely depends on your preference and you can take pictures the way you want and that too, with ease. Again, if you do not want to pose, then that is all fine.

How Do You Take Pictures of Yourself from a Distance?

You can always use something like a tripod or something along the lines of using a wide-angle lens to take pictures that you want to take with ease.


If you have been traveling solo for some time and trying to figure out how to go ahead and get the right type of pictures with ease, then this post is for you because, in this post, we have looked at how you can take travel photos of yourself and yes, if you are looking to get better at something, this is a great way of getting started.

It is not at all difficult or complicated but when you do pay attention, you would be out of the woods in no time and will be able to take some amazing pictures with ease. Most importantly, you should also keep in mind that the process might be difficult at first but once you do get better at it, you will have no issues whatsoever with it, and things will work just fine for you.

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