Coronavirus OutBreak: Crucial Steps Taken By Airport Authorities To Screen Passengers 

Coronavirus impact on airlines

Coronavirus outbreak has spread to most of the countries of the world and is becoming big trouble for the various countries as they need to safeguard their people against it. As a result, many countries have announced a complete lockdown due to coronavirus impact on airlines to stop the spread and reduce the positive cases. 

After the Covid-19 started spreading across the world, all the airports started taking preventive safety measures against it so that no infected passenger can spread it to other passengers. Passengers who are traveling from China to other countries are the biggest risk and they have to be properly checked and screened before they enter the airplane. 

If any infected person enters the airplane then there is a huge trouble as he may infect several other passengers too on the airplane. After the widespread of the virus in China, many countries issued the travel advisory to China so that their citizens remain safe and secured. 

CDC had issued a level-3 warning to recommend people to avoid traveling to China in Wuhan city. A level-2 warning was given to the people who were traveling to the rest of the part of China. But then, when the spread of the virus increased rapidly then CDC changed the warning to Level 3 for the entire country and not only Wuhan. 

A Big Impact on the Airlines

Coronavirus impact on airlines

Coronavirus impact on the airlines was huge and the sales went down drastically as people stopped traveling and many countries restricted the in and outflow of airlines.

In the initial phase, many people not traveling to different parts of the world. There was a lot of fear and people want to stay safe. This resulted in a decrease in demand for airlines and eventually, operators had to cancel the flights.

Many countries imposing the rules that people who are coming from other countries have to get quarantine for the next 14 days. People are not traveling due to this too. 

Then when the spread of the virus got global, countries stopped the incoming and outgoing international flights and this led the operators to face a big loss again. It is an estimation that a $100 billion revenue loss will be there by the airline operators this year. 

Safety Measures Led by Airports

Coronavirus impact on airlines

With the rapid widespread of the virus in all the countries across the globe, all the airports started screening the passengers rigorously.

In the initial phase when coronavirus started in China, many airlines canceled flights to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. United Airlines, American Airlines, and many other operators suspended the flights to China for a varied period of time. Strong steps taken to stop Coronavirus from Hong Kong airport from the initial phase.

The reason for the cancellation was the reduced demand to travel to these places. To ensure the safety of the citizens. After then, when cases started emerging in Europe, British Airways also started suspending the flights to and from China.

Many airports then started checking the temperature of the passengers to check if it is normal or is it high. If it shows high then not allowing the passengers to travel. Sending them to the hospital for further check-ups.

Some of the airline companies have asked their cabin crew and staff members to go for a one-month paid leave. Seeing the rapid increase of the deadly virus.

Stringent Screening in Europe

Coronavirus impact on airlines

There are so many positive cases in Italy and has the most Corona deaths in the world. There have to be strict measures taken to check the people arriving from Italy. Assigning separate gates for the passengers arriving from Italy at the Prague airport, Czech Republic. 

The staff has been alerted to report immediately if they see any symptoms of Corona in the passengers. Sanitizing various areas of the airport regularly to clean and remove the germs of the virus.

Bratislava airport, Slovakia has brought stringent screening measures for the passengers arriving from Italy. They have to mandatorily fill a questionnaire that they are provided. This helps the officials to figure out any infected cases. 

All the airports in Europe have started screening measures for the people coming from Italy and China and with this Coronavirus in Europe can be kept away from reaching the citizens. 

The safest place to sit in the plane

If you are traveling somewhere via plane at this point in time due to an emergency or something else. Then you should look for a window seat as it is the safest amongst all the seats. Also, you shouldn’t get up from your seat unless necessary as it will increase your chances of getting an infection.

So, here was an overview of the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the airlines. At this crucial time, do stay safe at home and protect yourself against this deadly virus! For more information regarding this, visit Travelila.

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