10 Best Places To Live In Tennessee

Best Places To Live In Tennessee

Tennessee is home to around 6.829 million people, making it the sixteenth most populated state in the United States. Products mainly produced in this state include components for transportation, food items (including drinks and tobacco), electrical devices, computers, and metal and chemical items. Since the late 20th century, the production of automobiles has been a rapidly expanding subset of Tennessee’s industrial capacity. So, it might be challenging to find the best places to live in Tennessee.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most popular U.S. national park, is located here. In light of the abundance of natural beauty, cultural landmarks, recreational areas, and amusement parks in the state, tourism has become a sizable and rapidly expanding employer in recent years.

The iconic Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum are both in Tennessee. One of the world’s oldest-running radio program venues, the Grand Ole Opry, has hosted performances by legendary country music artists.

Tennessee is a state rich in culture, history, and natural beauty, making it an ideal place to live or visit. What makes each of the top ten Tennessee neighborhoods unique? Let’s find out!

10 Places To Live in Tennessee

In Tennessee, you can never be bored. There always seems to be a festival, fair, art display, cultural celebration, or other events to keep you entertained.

The Tennessee Strawberry Festival in Dayton, Bonnaroo in Manchester, and the Memphis in May International Festival are well-attended events.

More and more individuals are considering the Volunteer State as a potential home base due to its reduced cost of living, plenty of employment, outstanding healthcare facilities, reasonable housing, colleges, and family-friendly communities.

Given the significance of location as a determining factor in establishing a home base, one may inquire about the unique attributes that render Tennessee exceptional.The ones at the very top of the list are worth a look:

1. Nashville: Harmony in the Heartland

Nashville Best Place To Live In Tennessee

Situated on the banks of the Cumberland River, Nashville has been a popular and prominent Tennessee city since its founding in 1779.

There is a strong reason: music is the city’s inviting card. The sector pumps an annual ten billion dollars into Nashville’s economy.

Those seeking to establish or expand their professional or commercial ventures will also find Nashville an accommodating city.

This state capital played a pivotal role in the fight for civil rights.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • Music City is another name for Nashville, a city that is home to several recording studios, composers, and performers. Almost every event here, from marathons to car races, has music.
  • The city of Nashville takes great pride in its breweries and craft beer, as well as its home-style Southern cuisine, particularly its renowned spicy fried chicken.
  • Numerous attractions ensure visitors stay energized, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, fantastic dining options, cultural institutions, and a vibrant downtown area.

Job and educational opportunities

  • The several schools and institutions in this city—including Belmont, Fisk, and Vanderbilt—have earned it the nickname “Athens of the South.”
  • This capital city has three booming businesses: printing, technology, and healthcare.

2. Chattanooga: Where Scenic Beauty Meets Business Brilliance

Chattanooga Best Place To Live In Tennessee

Chattanooga has a picturesque setting, nestled along the Tennessee River and backed by the majestic Appalachian Mountains. About 183,000 people call this mid-size city home. It offers all the conveniences of a big metropolis without losing its small-town charm.

“If you love history, culture, scenic beauty, adventure, fun — all in a family-friendly environment — Chattanooga is the place to be,” said Lizzer Graham, a real estate agent and native Chattanoogan.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • Go to the Tennessee Aquarium or the Creative Discovery Museum for a fun day out with the kids. Water sports abound, and the area even has a Minor League Baseball club.
  • The many restaurants and stores downtown Chattanooga are easily accessible on foot, and the condos provide incredible river views.
  • Another lively area is North Shore, which has one of the longest walking bridges in the world and many bars and small shops.
  • An excellent option for families is Hixson, which has several parks and open areas perfect for bicycling, hiking, and canoeing.

Job and educational opportunities

  • Great educational possibilities abound in this major city, from elementary and middle schools to colleges like Chattanooga State Community College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
  • Its rapidly expanding tourist industry, technological infrastructure, and major urban centers will inspire and encourage you to pursue a business career.
  • Startups, young professionals, and freelancers will find Chattanooga an entrepreneur-friendly environment.

3. Knoxville: Art, Adventure, and Appalachian Charm

Knoxville Best Place To Live In Tennessee

Knoxville has a vibrant arts community in the Smoky Mountain foothills, excellent restaurants, and plenty of outdoor events.

The World’s Fair was held in Tennessee’s third-largest city in 1982. The Sunsphere, a unique steel structure rising 266 feet above World’s Fair Park, continues to dominate the park and the many activities held there.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • Knoxville is the starting point for a dizzying array of watersports and outdoor activities along the Tennessee River, including canoe rentals, paddle boat rides, jet ski rides, and kayak races.
  • Discover a plethora of brand-new stores, eateries, and nightlife options in the Downtown Renaissance district, as well as vintage southern charm.

Job and educational opportunities

  • Knoxville, the location of the University of Tennessee, is inhabited by 25,000 undergraduate students.
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Pilot Flying J. Knoxville, Regal Cinemas, and significant firms call this place home.

4. Franklin: Preserving History, Embracing Growth

Franklin Best Place To Live In Tennessee

Even though it is a dynamic city, Franklin has a deep appreciation for its past. The town of Franklin, established in 1799 and given its name after Benjamin Franklin, was once highly active in the American Civil War. The Battle of Franklin location still attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

Franklin, with a population of about 40% more than a decade ago, is the fifth-fastest-growing city in Tennessee.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • The picturesque Harpeth River and Franklin’s abundance of parks make it an ideal location for water sports like kayaking, fishing, and swimming.
  • The town’s theaters, one-of-a-kind shops, and restaurants will entertain you for hours. Fun dining and shopping options may be found at CoolSprings Galleria and The Factory at Franklin.
  • Famous for its choice of high-end restaurants and stores, downtown Franklin’s Main Street is also home to yearly festivals.
  • The Main Street Festival, Dickens of a Christmas, and the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival are just a few of the many events that combine music with pleasure!

Job and educational opportunities

  • Several major healthcare organizations, Mars Petcare, Nissan Americas, and dozens of others call this city home.
  • Exceptional science and technology curricula are taught at all grade levels at these fantastic institutions. Education is highly regarded throughout the city and across Williamson County.

5. Memphis: Soulful Living in the Home of Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll


Memphis is a unique paradise, beginning with its incredibly affordable cost of living. The metro region ranks second in terms of population in Tennessee. Living expenses are modest compared to other cities of a similar size.

At the Lorraine Hotel—the site of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination—and the National Civil Rights Museum—which chronicles the movement’s history—the late 1960s was a pivotal time for civil rights.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • The city of Memphis has earned the titles of “Home of the Blues” and “Birthplace of Rock and Roll.” Beale Street has been home to bars, restaurants, and stores that have continuously played blues, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll since the early 1900s.
  • Cooper-Young and Overton Square are significant areas to go shopping, dine, and listen to live music.

Job and educational opportunities

  • Memphis is home to a booming hotel and restaurant sector.
  • The city’s economy continues to benefit from the music industry. The area’s abundant work prospects and vibrant music culture make it a popular destination for musicians seeking to begin their careers.
  • There are many employment opportunities in Memphis, particularly in the healthcare sector, and the city also has excellent schools, arenas, and teams.

6. Oak Ridge: Where History Meets Innovation

Oak Ridge

During World War II, Oak Ridge became famous as the “Secret City” because of its role in producing the atomic bomb. Many individuals are drawn to work in the scientific professions because of Oak Ridge’s continued prominence in the modern world.

Oak Ridge has a classic American town feel with low-cost homes, acclaimed schools, secure neighborhoods, and first-rate medical services.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • Jackson Square and the Main Street Project are making shopping pleasurable by attracting new businesses and creating employment.
  • Going for a run or bike ride is a breeze in this city thanks to its 17 parks and network of greenways.
  • Oak Ridge’s fascinating history may be experienced by residents and tourists alike at the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, the Oak Ridge History Museum, the American Museum of Science and Energy, and the K-25 History Center.

Job and educational opportunities

  • Employment opportunities exist at federal government entities, including the Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Oak Ridge is home to some excellent educational institutions.

7. Springfield: Small-Town Charm, Big Opportunities


It could be the picturesque Springfield Greenway or the historic county courthouse that dominates the town center; it could be just the welcoming atmosphere of this little town that attracts so many people.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • There are many stores, including some exceptional shops and cafés, in the charming downtown area.
  • A wide variety of outdoor activities are available to visitors, such as swimming at the community pool or camping at Green Valley Park. The Roxy Theater Diorama, which showcases an old-fashioned theater, is just one of several fascinating museums in the area.

Job and educational opportunities

  • Johnson Electric, Electrolux Home Products, and Owens Corning are just a few of the area’s major firms, which help keep the employment market steady as it grows. The city is about 30 miles from Nashville.
  • Several new businesses have set up shop in the city’s industrial parks, bolstering the robust industrial sector.

8. Maryville: Nature’s Haven with Hometown Warmth


There are several advantages to living in small-town Maryville. Situated in the picturesque Smoky Mountain foothills, it offers a low cost of living, excellent educational possibilities, and a beautiful natural setting.

Just 17 miles away, in Knoxville, you’ll find all the big-city conveniences Maryville is known for, along with an easygoing lifestyle.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • Maryville has a lovely central business center with eateries, pubs, shops, and venues to enjoy live music.
  • There are plenty of family-friendly outdoor activities in the Smokies, including hiking and bicycling, and the Maryville-Alcoa Greenway provides chances for walking, riding, and jogging.

Job and educational opportunities

  • Established in 1819, Maryville College is considered one of the fifty oldest institutions in the United States. It is an outstanding institution.
  • Blount Memorial Hospital, Inc., Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc., and many more provide excellent employment possibilities.

9. Johnson City: Nestled in Nature, Rooted in Community

Johnson City

Put your family here in Johnson City if you’re seeking a wonderful place to call home! Its location in northeast Tennessee is close to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • Johnson City’s proximity to the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Mountains makes it an ideal destination for outdoor recreation. The city’s trails, waterfalls, and miles of rivers, streams, and lakes make it suitable for fishing, boating, and kayaking.
  • Johnson City and Elizabethton are linked by the 10-mile Tweetsie Trail, which is ideal for walking and riding.
  • Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park, spanning 40 acres, and Buffalo Mountain Park, including 725 acres of natural resource area, are both conveniently located within a 10-minute drive of downtown and are ideal for outdoor lovers.

Job and educational opportunities

  • East Tennessee State University has around 15,000 students and is located in Johnson City, making it a college town.
  • One of the biggest employers in the community is the university, along with Ballard Health and Johnson Community Medical Center.

10. Lynchburg: Sippin’ Sweet Tea, Living Easy


Lynchburg may be a little town, but it knows its name all across the globe. This is because the Jack Daniel Distillery is located in this charming town, which is around 75 miles south of Nashville.

Among the state’s smaller communities, Lynchburg is renowned for its low housing costs and reputation as a secure haven.

Key features and lifestyle advantages

  • The primary attraction is the Jack Daniel Distillery, and tours are available daily (except for essential holidays). View the wares made from aged Jack Daniel’s barrels by peeking inside the Barrel Shop at Jack Daniel’s.
  • Stopping at the Historic Lynchburg Square is like taking a trip down memory lane. Restored structures now house unique stores and eateries.
  • Take a short drive to Tims Ford Lake, just a few miles away.

Job and educational opportunities

  • One prominent educational institution in Lynchburg is Lynchburg City Schools. The Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1985 as an endowment organization.


It would be an excellent life choice to make Tennessee your permanent residence. With its two time zones and extensive network of cities, suburbs, and small towns, Tennessee’s long and narrow southern state is the perfect spot for you.

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