Top 7 Most Amazing Mexico Pyramids to Explore in 2022

by Matt Ravel

1. El Castillo, Tulum

Location: Tinum, Yucatan, Mexico

El Castillo, also known as the “Temple of Kukulkan,” is among one of the world’s seven wonders. This pyramid is dedicated and named after Maya’s supreme God, the serpent God, Kukulkan.

2. Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan

Location: Western part of the ancient city of Teotihuacan

Built between 200 to 450 A.D., this is actually a temple which is a temple. It is dedicated to worshipping the Great Goddess, fertility, water, and creation deity.

3. Pyramid of the Niches, El Tajín

Location: El Tajin, Veracruz, Mexico

El Tajin is considered one of the most powerful cities in Mesoamerica, which was active from 600 to 1200 AD. People from different parts of Mexico lived in this city and built the Pyramid of the Niches.

4. Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán

Location: San Juan Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, Mexico

When you climb this pyramid and get to the topmost point, the feeling will get indescribable in words. You’ll get to see the breathtaking views of the city.

5. The Great Pyramid, Calakmul

Location: Campeche, Mexico

This is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are two large pyramids that you can climb. The Great Pyramid is more than 148 feet tall (45 m), which makes the one of the tallest Mayan pyramids on this planet.

6. The Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal

Location: Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico

Built-in the decorative Puuc style, this pyramid has three levels. Pyramid of the Magician, also known as Pyramid of the Dwarf, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. The Great Pyramid of La Venta, La Venta

Location: La Venta, Tabasco

Built around 900 B.C.E., this pyramid is the oldest pyramid in Mexico. 

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