Most Exciting Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

free things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is internationally famous for its fun and exciting lifestyle, attractive views, shopping, casinos, and lots of exciting things to do. This city is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and never-ending entertainment and events. If you have a tight budget and want to have the best time of your life in Las Vegas, don’t worry, here is a list of exciting free things you can do there (Free things are not to be missed, Right?)

Fountains at Bellagio

free things to do in Las Vegas: Fountains at Bellagio


It is hard to beat the beauty of Bellagio Fountains when it comes to the main attractions of Las Vegas. People here gather around the massive lake in front of the resort and watch as more than 1,200 nozzles shoot water straight into the air along with more than 4500 lights. And it is the best travel trip for a solo traveler

Each show is set to beautiful music with songs by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, and Celine Dion adding more beauty and more feel to the fountains. These fountain shows are held every half an hour in the afternoon and every 15 minutes at night but could be canceled at any time due to weather changes.

Feel The Volcano Eruption

free things to do in Las Vegas: Feel The Volcano Eruption


The volcano eruption is one of the best attractions offered for free in Las Vegas. Here the fire shoots 100 ft. above the waters, spew lava and transforming into streams of melting lava. The final eruption is 60 feet into the air that’s so intense, you’ll feel the heat from a notable distance. Two shows are held every day at 8 and 9 PM which also includes extra shows on weekends.

Symphony Fountains at Bellagio

free things to do in Las Vegas: Symphony Fountains at Bellagio


This aquatic breathtaking water and the light show includes classical pop music, opera, and Broadway and can be viewed from many locations in Vegas. This is a 15 minutes jaw-dropping show which is enough to mesmerize the viewers. If you are in Las Vegas you surely cannot afford to miss this beautiful show.

The Ultimate Fun In Casinos

free things to do in Las Vegas: The Ultimate Fun In Casinos


Stroll seamlessly from one casino to another from sidewalk entrances found along the Strip. This is the best way to visit multiple casinos in a day with a lot of fun and obviously winning the game.

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Circus Acts at Circus Circus

free things to do in Las Vegas: Circus Acts at Circus Circus


Circus Circus is located at the intersection of the Vegas Strip and Circus Circus Drive and like all other attractions is free of cost. You don’t actually have to do your reservations for your seats but have to reach on time as it has only a few seats. This is the world’s largest permanent Circus and oh my! The stunts here are super stunning and breathtaking, done by jugglers and cyclists.    

This list is too long to be mentioned. There are numerous other free things to do in Las Vegas such as Red Rock Canyon the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature, take a ride at the chocolate factory. Also must visit Binions on Fremont Street to see how millions of bucks looks like in cash. All in all Las Vegas is a great place to enjoy with your friends and spend the most beautiful time with your loved ones. As LOVE IS IN THE AIR of Las Vegas and so is the fun. For more information visit Travelila.

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