Things To Know Before Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding

Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding

If you enjoy SUP just as you love your pup, just take her on board with you. What can bring more fun than taking your pup along with you as your ride on your paddleboard? Enjoy every adventure that nature offers with your best friend. Therefore, paddle boarding with your pup can be a great way to introduce your pooch to the best outdoor experience.

If you are planning on taking your dog out on the water, don’t rush it, there are several things you should know before bringing your dog for paddleboarding. There are many tips that will help you teach your pup how to ride on the water in a safe, easy, and fun way. Here is the best idea, just for you!

Keep Your Pup Comfortable

Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding: Keep Your Pup Comfortable

Not all dogs are natural swimmers. However, there are those that can swim. Whether he can swim or not, keep your pup comfortable while taking him with you to SUP. Make sure that the pup wears a life jacket as you paddleboard.

Besides, it is super essential that your paddleboard is an excellent fit for your pup. You may need a paddleboard with a large surface area. A big board will be more comfortable and stable both for you and the pup. Dogs prefer soft tops more than epoxy since they are less slippery. The inflatable paddle board would be a great choice as it’s softer than rigid boards.

Give Your Pup A Test Run In An Isolated Location Before Heading To A Crowded Spot

Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding

Go find a paddling sport that’s less crowded and take your pup on board to let her get used to being on a paddleboard. It might be a new experience for your pup and if she’s not comfortable with it, you might consider canceling the activity. But if your dog appears to be suited to the sport, then you can move on to your target paddle boarding spot.

Before actually taking it on board with you, you can actually inflate the board at home and let your doggy stay on it for as long as she can to let her get used to the board. It should help your dog get familiar with the board and settle down faster when she’s actually on the ocean.

Don’t Expect Everything To Go Smoothly When Out On The Water

Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding

When bringing to the paddle a new puppy, she might be frighted in the beginning. The start might not be satisfactory but your dog will grow accustomed to it eventually. What you need to do is wait patiently until she’s able to handle being on a board on choppy water.

Keep Your Dog Away From Getting Into A Fight With Other Dogs

Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding

When you’re a first-time owner of a puppy, or it has been a while since you last had one, things may go off the rails since they might get into a fight with other dogs before you could realize it and prevent it from happening. That is normal and adjustable. Train your pup to master good socialization habits to prevent getting into trouble upon seeing other dogs when being in a crowd or out on the water. A good piece of advice is to carry a resistant dog leash.

Clean Your Dog After Coming Back From The Ocean

Bringing Your Dog For Paddle Boarding

If your dog had fallen into the ocean, no matter how many times, remember to clean her after going back home as salt on your dog’s skin and paws will cause discomfort, or worse, rashes and infections. To prevent such things from happening. Give your doggy a thorough cleaning to help her get rid of sand and saltwater on her skin and coat.

Ignore ears easily during the bath. But they should be taken seriously as when they are not clean, it could cause an ear infection. It’s not an easy task to keep your dog on board during the whole paddleboarding process. So, a thorough bath afterward is necessary.

In Conclusion, keeping your pup safe, clean, and comfortable while paddleboarding can be an essential step for having a nice and enjoyable time with a Paddle Board and your dog on the water.

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