Author: Matt Ravel

Little Switzerland NC: Most Interesting Things to Do

little switzerland nc

Little Switzerland, NC, is a summer colony located along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the North Carolina Mountains. Population 46, says their town sign. Many structures are designed in distinctive Swiss architectural styles. Little Switzerland NC is approximately an hour[…]

Potato Chip Rock in San Diego: Things You Should Know About

potato chip rock

Have you ever considered why people talk so much about Potato Chip Rock? If you are still pondering these things in your mind, this article is going to help. San Diego is a fascinating place with adventures and trek trails.[…]

The Flower Market Nyc: A Jewel in the Heart of the Jungle

flower market nyc

It’s not every day that you travel from a metropolis to a tropical jungle. However, this is precisely the situation if you happen to be strolling down Manhattan’sdown the a section of Manhattan’s West 28th Street. Each morning, amid the[…]

10 Most Popular Venezuelan Food Must-Try Dishes of Venezuela

venezuela food

Venezuela is accepted not just for its gorgeous landscape, but also for its diverse cuisine, which incorporates a variety of Spanish, West African, and Native American traditions. Venezuelan food is characterizing by its unique and delicious taste due to simple[…]

Best Marco Island Beaches: A Complete List

beaches in marco island

There are various activities on Marco Island, but you must think of our Marco Island beaches. When you hear the word ‘paradise,’ you see yourself reclining on a white sand beach alongside a beautiful blue body of water. That is[…]

11 Most Beautiful National Parks in California Exploring All

California has more national parks than any other part of the United States. National parks in California, from Yosemite to Death Valley, inspire everlasting awe. You can’t help but feel an almost painful admiration for their wild beauty. Each of[…]

11 Best Mayan Ruins in Mexico, Perfect Destination for You

mayan ruins

The Maya development was a Mesoamerican culture whose domain extended based on what is currently southern Mexico through Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. They fabricated many great urban areas along with a complicated organization of streets and managed the[…]

9 Best Rooftop Restaurants NYC with Amazing and Epic Views

nyc rooftop restaurants

The summer season is all here with heat and sweat. In such weather conditions, it becomes difficult to get into a closed cafe to have a meal. It is the time when visiting a rooftop cafe is the best thing[…]