Top 5 Weekend Getaways From Delhi

weekend getaways from Delhi

Winters are still on so many sectors are providing with holidays and if you are in the private sector or anything similar then you may not get a long holiday to plan a long trip so your holiday trip may include a week holiday and you may not want to go too far from your residential area but India has too many things to offer you so you can always find some nice places to visit in your small holidays. Delhi is the capital city of the country and people from different corners of the world live in this city just be employed as the place has good as well as different jobs to offer with so if you are the one who lives in Delhi and planning for a week holiday near Delhi then here are some of the best weekend getaways from Delhi that you need to check out as well as consider visiting in:


Udaipur: weekend getaways from Delhi


Udaipur is all about culture as well as royalty and you would get to see a glimpse of history here in Udaipur so if you are the one who has special attractions towards ancient palaces, monuments, gardens, etc then this place is going to prove best for you and while you are here you can enjoy knowing about historical facts about the place. The place is a pact with palaces as well as forts that you can check out and while being there do not forget to get some pictures clicked. If you miss having the huge Rajasthani thali which is full of lots of delicacies of the place that would give you some authentic taste of the place.

Mount Abu:

Mount Abu: weekend getaways from Delhi


If you enjoy being near hilly stations or in the mountain region then you need to check in to Mount Abu where you can spend some time at the place enjoying the scenic beauty of the place. You can literally enjoy a road trip while you are on the trip to Mount Abu and then by the end of the week you can return back to Delhi.

Jodhpur to Jaisalmer:

Jodhpur to Jaisalmer: weekend getaways from Delhi


This desert literally gets itself transformed into a green field during the time of monsoon that this time proves to be the best time to be in the place. You can even try visiting just after the rainy season as it looks amazing while the rainwater passes by touching the entire area leaving it beautiful as well as fresh. The historical forts, as well as the monument of the place, are something that should be on your top things-to-do list while you are at Jaisalmer.

Head straightaway to Jodhpur after 2 days of Jaisalmer trip which is just a few hours away and you can take a train, bus, or even cab to reach the place. the first thing that you can do while you reach Jodhpur is to book a palace resort booked for the staying purpose as usually such kind of resorts would give you all the royal treatment.

The food, as well as local stuff that the local residents of the place sell, are something that you need to enjoy. By the end of the week, you can return back to Delhi by train or you can also get on the bus and it would just take some hours to reach back to Delhi.

Pushkar to Ajmer:

Pushkar to Ajmer: weekend getaways from Delhi


Both of these places are said to be the holiest sites of the country and people around the corner visit the place just get some blessing as it is been believed that if you would b in this place then you would be near the god and you would be able to gather more blessing from god. Apart from being holy, these places are equally beautiful and you can definitely try visiting the place.

Here you would be able to be many holy ghats where holy or spiritual things take place or the visit to Pushkar lake is something that you should not miss and moreover if you would not visit the old temple which is in Pushkar for about 14 centuries till now then you would be missing out the main thing in this trip. After the 3 days trip to Pushkar, you can straight move towards Ajmer and the place famously is known for the Sufi saint shrine.

The Dargha sheriff of Ajmer, as well as Akbar fort museum of the place, are the must-visit places while you are at Ajmer and 3 days are enough to cover all of these places and the very next day or on the last day of the week you return back to Delhi.

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Varanasi: weekend getaways from Delhi


Varanasi is said to be the holiest place of the country and even people from outside India visit the place to get some mental peace and while you are here you should at least get a Ganga scan which means bathing in the holy water of the Ganga river as it considered as a very auspicious thing and you should never miss the late evening worship of the river Ganga as it takes place every single day in a grand way.

Apart from this, you would also be able to visit some beautiful monuments as well as ancient temples of the place and enjoy your single week holiday trip and all of these can literally get covered in 5 days and then on the last day of the week, you can simply get back to Delhi.

These were some of the best weekend getaways from Delhi that you need to check out and you can also check Travelila for other such information.

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