what do you need to include in a travel plan

by matt ravel 2022


The first and most obvious decisions you will need to make is which location you want to travel. If you don't have the idea of where to travel then consider the things that pique your interest. 

If you’re traveling to countries with unusually warm or cold climates, the time of year will play a huge role in how effectively you can travel. So, plan your location accordingly.

Choosing the Time of Year to Travel

Sightseeing and Activities

Create a list of the activities and places of interest you want to visit while you’re there. Also,  try and research lesser-known hidden gems, as they can sometimes be just as captivating.

Choosing Transport Options

Transport is an important part of your travel planning. if you are staying in one city or you are going to travel between different cities you need to have a thorough idea of the transport you’ll be using.

Choosing the type of accomodation

If you’re traveling as a group, then hostels and renting houses are the options. If you are traveling as a couple then a hotel room will be the best option for you. It depends on who you're traveling with.


When booking your travel, make sure to research if you need to have vaccinations to stay safe in the country you’re traveling to.

Check Your Medical Insurance

An important aspect to remember is to check your medical insurance covers you for where you plan to travel to. Otherwise, you could be facing some unpleasant bills if you need to be treated whilst abroad.

Respecting Other Cultures

The way different people live can vary widely from our own, and it’s important to respect this when traveling.