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8 Places that Should be There in Everyone’s Travel Bucket List

By Matt Ravel

The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the biggest gathering of coral reefs on the planet, traversing more than 1,400 miles. It’s huge to the point that it can be seen from space.

Pyramid of Giza


It has a history of 4600 years and its construction is still a mystery. It is one of the ancient seven wonders of the world.

The Great Wall of China


It has a length of 21,000km. You can go walking, a cycle ride is also an option, take a helicopter and even a vehicle is allowed in certain territories.

Taj Mahal


India’s most attractive sculpture and symbol of love is Taj Mahal. Visitors from all over the world spend the entire day in the area hearing the stories of the Mughal era.

The Grand Canyon


The first look at the overview of the grand canyon will make you feel satisfied.It has many walking trails, so you can select depending on what you want a hike or a mule trip. 



Maldives is a tropical country in the Indian Sea made out of 26 ring-shaped atolls, with excess to the beautiful 1,000 coral islands. It’s known for its seashores, blue tidal ponds, and widespread reefs.



Iceland is renowned for its various terrific cascades, springs, and volcanoes. Iceland is something that you should definitely visit and the best thing to do in Iceland is to see the northern lights.

Trekking in Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is famous for its Inca trail that leads to the ancient city. Every year 1.2 million people visit there from all over the world. Visit there and involve yourself in its history.