Top 5 Most Haunted Places In The World

By Travelila

Myrtles Plantation in the USA

This place is constructed upon an old Indian cemetery ground; you would be amazed to know that the place is so scary that it is listed as the most haunted place in America.

 It is been said that there is an unhealed spirit of a slave who is said to be Indian and many people who have been in the place as well as local people confirmed that they have witnessed someone roaming around the building who is always in a green turban.

The Tolboth in the United Kingdom

It is said that this place was first introduced as a prison and later on this place was used to store small children who were said to be kidnapped for the purpose of slavery.

Many people have witnessed a mist-like appearance in the building and there are many sounds of chain etc but surprisingly the building is empty almost

Aradale Asylum in Ararat Victoria in Australia

It is said that the Asylum is there in place since 1867 and till then more than 13,000 people were found dead in the Asylum

The temperature there at the building is surprisingly cold as compared to outside and you would literally feel the sensation of someone mysteriously touching you and the unnecessary sound itself is enough to scare anyone.

Bhangarh Fort in India

The Indian government has declared the place as dangerous and entering the place after the sunset is not allowed anyway.

In case you manage to be there after 6 pm then your life cannot be guaranteed because many paranormal experts already lost their lives during the night investigation of the place.

Dow hills in Wet Bengal in India

The place is small but it is so terrifying that often people avoid this place. Local residents have witnessed spirits of small children who basically haunt the complete forest.

Often tourists visit the place but tend to avoid the forest and many paranormal experts have already confirmed that you may able to hear the sound of a crying person or as if someone is laughing out loud.