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By Matt Ravel / APRIL 15, 2022

Things to Do in NYC New York at Night

Empire State Building 

Visiting the Empire State Building at night is one of the most opted choices to witness New York city at night.

New York City Skyline

You should secure a seat on the Helicopter Flight Services at the “City Lights Skyline Experience” helicopter trip in New York.

Times Square

Time Square in New York City at night is an unforgettable experience. Giant billboards, crowds, and people dressed as Spider-Man or Mickey Mouse are all part of the festivities.

Bars in New York

You can always visit a bar, which is always gorgeous from the inside. It’s excellent to surround yourself with the locals, sip sophisticated cocktails or have a delicious glass of wine.

Hangout at Greenwich Village

This Village is unquestionably a 24-hour community in New York at night. Washington Square Park which is in Greenwich Village is the most delicate area to people watch because it includes hundreds of affordable pubs and restaurants and lovely green side lanes.