9 Top Places To Visit in Egypt

By Matt Ravel

Pyramid of Giza

It is one of the seven wonders of the world that have been as it is as it was thousands of years ago.

Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo is a part of the center of Cairo where there are thousands of mosques,  madrasas, mansions, and many more.


one of the most tranquil place of Egypt with the surrounding orange-hued dunes of sand

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is an incredible place for tourists, as it is in the place that is decorated with temples which has statues of guards outside  of it.

Egyptian Museum

It is the treasure trove of the Pharaonic world. The structure of this museum gives the feel of old-school with the pinkish outer wall.

White Desert

Egypt’s White Dessert is the kookiest place of all yet the most beautiful view you will ever see. There are white rocks of surreal shape that formed due to erosions and sandstorms.

Terrain Map

Siwa Oasis is the only one that still has the cultural heritage. This place is surrounded by date palm plantations, freshwater springs, and the most perfect picturesque locations.

Siwa Oasis


Alexandria is the biggest transportation and port hub of Egypt. It has the largest library containing more than 500,000 books it

Terrain Map

St. Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest monastery in the world. This is the place where Moses got the ten commandments. This monastery has a collection of manuscripts, art, and iconography that travelers crave to know about.

St. Catherine’s Monastery