Kelly Park Rock Springs: A Perfect Family Getaway in Florida


by Matt Ravel

How Easy is Accommodation at Kelly Park Rock Springs?

It is located near the substantially inhabited day-use area, comprising 26 comfortable and shady campsites surrounded by dense vegetation of pine and hardwood.

What’s the Best Time To Visit Kelly Park Rock Springs?

The summer months like June, July, and August are the ideal months of the year to visit the park.

5 Fun Things To Do at Kelly Park Rock Springs

So the big question is What to do in Kelly Park Rock Springs Fl? Not one or two, but there are, in fact, many activities for visitors at Kelly Park!

1. Tubing At Kelly Park

Do you love lazy rivers? If yes, you’ll surely love tubing at Rock Springs! This is also one of the popular activities for both adults and children to enjoy at the park!

2. Campsite At Kelly Park

The next thing you can do in Kelly Park is Camping! Yes, this place offers several campsites located throughout, and each site has all the facilities to get a unique experience.

3. Swimming in Rock Springs Run

Rock Springs is a gorgeous spring-fed stream flowing through Kelly Park. The water is crystal clear; hence perfect for swimming and tubing!

4. Hiking Along the Kelly Park Trails

Do you want to spend a day trekking and hiking along Kelly Park’s trails? Yes, this place offers a few trails to enjoy all of its beautiful scenery!

5. Wildlife in Kelly Park/Rock Springs

How about spending a day watching the beautiful wildlife of Kelly Park? You can enjoy watching amazing animals and birds at Rock Springs, which is located inside the city of Apopka.