One of the Best Pool in Las Vegas - Caesar Palace Pool

Caesars’ premium pool area for Special guests, rich folks, and celebrity customers is indeed called Bacchus Pool. Except for those on this ultra-exclusive guest list and those who spend for private cabana as well as day bed, entry has been limited for others.

This Fortuna pool isn’t actually a pool; however it does include an entertaining and unusual idea called Swim-Up BlackJack! One may swim (or walk, as that pool is just waist level) straight up to a real genuine Blackjack table as well as gamble poolside!

This Neptune Pool has been encircled primarily by Day Sets and private loungers. That makes this less congested, but the area is still available to everyone; you only have to sit alongside it; there have been some complimentary beds, but they are placed away from the water.

This has the feel of a packed, lively party where everyone is interested in everyone else’s business. Yet, for several, this may seem like torture! The Venus Pool Caesars as well as Lounge is indeed a quiet hideaway in which you can move out from the bustle and spend some time alone.