Top 8 Things to Do in Aguas Calientes

By Matt Ravel 15/04/2022

From basic lodging to expensive Aguas Calientes hotels, the place has created a significant tourist and attraction infrastructure.

Here are Top 8 Things to Do in Aguas Calientes

Hot Springs

Interestingly the name Aguas Calientes receives its name from its famous hot springs that run through it.


Mandor Gardens

This natural garden is a genuine paradise for anyone who loves walking around the forest and admiring the untamed flora-fauna and animals


Delve into the Interactive Streetlife

Halt here before visiting Machu Picchu to enjoy the offering of the interactive streets of Aguas Calientes.


Mariposario de Machupicchu

It's a butterfly farm where you can witness an interesting multitude of butterflies. This diversity also lets you notice various stages of growth of beautiful butterflies.


Climb to the Top of Huayna Picchu

It’s so popular that you can’t just show up and start climbing, you have to reserve tickets months in advance, as the access is extremely limited.


Manuel Chávez Ballón Site Museum

Manuel Chávez Balló museum houses around 250 artifacts, including ceramics, bronze and copper tools, skeletons, and other Machu Picchu-related items.


Handmade Market

There is a wide range of handicrafts and kitchenware available, including alpaca clothing, paintings, wood sculptures, stone, musical instruments, masks, gold jewelry, silver, etc.


Nightlife At Aguas Calientes

Unlike other tourist destinations, the nightlife in Aguas Calientes is calm. Away from the busy nights visitors enjoy the chill drinking in and around the local eateries