GOAT Trips

GOAT is an acronym for the Greatest of All Trips. This means going all out in your travels with no regrets. It also means being unafraid to splurge on new adventures and experiences.


Family Travel

Families wish to reunite after a long time. They also desire to celebrate milestones they have missed recently. Parents, in particular, seek educational-bent travel experiences for their children.


Renewed Demand for Travel Agents

With travel agents, it becomes easier for travelers to explore new destinations and personalize their trips, despite new and stricter travel policies in place.


Long-Haul Flights

Airlines with very few local travelers uses hubs to connect passengers between cities. As a result, more travelers will get to see more nonstop connections with major cities.


Personal Development Retreats

One of the benefits of travel is alleviating one’s mental health. The uniqueness of a destination’s flavor in terms of wellness is linked with its local culture, natural assets, foods and your own preferences.


Extreme Expeditions

Extreme expeditions may offer a physical challenge. Extreme expeditions can also help you get into better shape and are wonders for your mental health and cognitive development.


Streamer Locations

As streaming popularity increased, watching characters travel all around the world made people yearn to visit the locations featured in the shows. New York City will be one of the most in demand streamer locations.


Longer Cruises

After months of staying at home, people now desire to go on longer trips. People want to go on longer cruise as people want to settle in for a while after missing out time for traveling.