Itinerary For a Tour to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia

The toughest thing to do is planning. We mean planning about what to do and where to go after reaching the destination. We often set on a trip without even planning and then feel regret when we can’t do most out of it. And this is the reason why you need to plan a trip thoroughly. From departure to coming back, everything should be designed. 

So we are here with the itinerary for a tour to Vietnam and Cambodia that will help you to explore both cities to the fullest. We have planned this itinerary based on the ten days trip. Of these, five days are fully dedicated to Vietnam, and the remaining five days are for Cambodia.

We haven’t included arrival and departure days, so plan accordingly. This itinerary is to follow after you reach the destination. So let’s start our virtual tour so that you can feel assured to develop this in real.

Tour to Vietnam

Vietnam is a city where you will find mountains, rice paddies, and waterways. Here we have mentioned where should you go to spend your five days on the tour to Vietnam. Don’t forget to try out the local cuisine wherever you go.

Day – 1: Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam and Cambodia: Ho Chi Minh City


Take a walking tour around Ho Chi Minh city and experience the amazing sights it has. Explore the historical places like the People’s Committee Building, the Independence Palace, Cholon Mosque, and Wat Chatarangsay. You may not be able to cover up every area, but it’s okay you are going to be in Ho Chi Minh city for a little while.

Day – 2: Cu Chi Tunnels

Vietnam and Cambodia: Cu Chi Tunnels


We kept it for another day because it is the most important historical place of the Vietnam war. Explore the history of Chu Chi Tunnels. But before going there grab brunch at Halal Food or HCM Villages Restaurant as they are one of the best restaurants around Cu Chi tunnels after that, enjoy the nightlife of the city.

Following places can be the Eighth Wonder of the world.

Day – 3: Visit Mekong Delta

Vietnam and Cambodia: Visit Mekong Delta


The next day, morning get fresh and move towards the Mekong Delta. Here you can experience the authentic flavor of Vietnamese culture. If you want you can book a lodge; after all, you are going to stay for the whole day but make sure you book a riverside lodge to experience the beauty even when you are idly sitting in your room. In Mekong Delta, admire the scenery of coconut trees, rice fields, and beautiful landscapes while exploring Vung Liem on a bicycle or boat.

Day – 4: Visit Cao Dai Temple

Vietnam and Cambodia: Visit Cao Dai Temple


After a day full of bicycle riding and boating, this morning relax and have breakfast at the lodge. After that, get ready and visit one of the Cao Dai temples. You can either visit one that is by the river or on the way back to Ho Chi Minh city. But don’t forget to visit the temple. You can intake the religious importance of Vietnam from there.

Day – 5: Shopping on the Streets

Vietnam and Cambodia: Shopping on the Streets


After arriving back in Ho Chi Minh city, go on a stroll to the town for a shopping spree. When in a new city or country you shouldn’t forget to get souvenirs for memories. Then pack your bags and get ready, you will have to catch a flight to the next destination ‘Cambodia.’

Tour to Cambodia

After arriving in Cambodia, make sure you settle down well. You can have a rest for the day and follow the following plan from the next day. So that you know, Cambodia is full of historical places with a world-class view.

Day – 6: Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Vietnam and Cambodia: Siem Reap and Angkor Wat


Start your day by bicycling around the city and exploring the villages of Siem Reap. Immerse in the agricultural activities if you can and experience the authentic Cambodian culture. In the afternoon visit the famous historic site of Cambodia – Angkor wat Temple. Understand its history and importance.

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Day – 7: Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple

Vietnam and Cambodia: Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple


You are going to spend your Seventh-day in Angkor Thom city. Explore this city in a tuk-tuk (local transportation) for a different experience. This isn’t a small city, so it will take time to explore. After you are done viewing the sights of the city move towards the Bayon temple and after that, explore the Terrace of Elephants. End your day having traditional Cambodian cuisine.

Day – 8: Phnom Sampov and Battambang

Vietnam and Cambodia: Phnom Sampov and Battambang


Moving towards the countryside, take a stop at the Battambang. Surf the silk farms in Battambang and learn how to cultivate silk from the local farmers. Observe the weaving process of silk. This trip is going to be knowledge-packed. We guess every tour gains you that. When in Phnom Sampov, observe the bats flying out of the caves from Bat Caves.

Day – 9: Explore Battambang

Vietnam and Cambodia: Explore Battambang


Hire a tuk-tuk ride and wander on the streets of Battambang to experience the real village life of Cambodia and the Cambodian culture. Survey the houses on the road that are unchanged from the years and if possible, attend workshops. End your day with the ride on the bamboo train and a stroll on the river bank is a must. If you are there with your love, then it is going to be an unforgettable moment for you both.

Day – 10: Shopping on the Streets

Vietnam and Cambodia: Shopping on the Streets


Last day of your expedition, move back to Cambodia and take the most out of the time you are remaining with. Take a stroll on the streets of Cambodia, go shopping, collect souvenirs, and last but not least experience the nightlife of Cambodia.

Ten days we will fly in seconds, so try your best to enjoy wherever you can. This itinerary was provided to you by Travelila. Visit the website to know more about the places you should travel to.

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