Twosome Travelling: 5 Destinations for Couples Travelling around the world

couples traveling around the world

A fun and accessible getaway spot makes any much-needed vacation transition from enjoyable to memorable and awe-inspiring. Taking such a break with your loved one is undoubtedly a feeling that enthralls and rejuvenates you immensely. Your ideal getaway must definitely be one worth remembering over and over again, filled with romance and excitement that you share with your soulmate. With serene beaches, mesmerizing icy peaks, and antique shop-lined streets to exquisite natural paradises and alleys emanating rustic charm, the world is a playground for couples traveling around the world. But you don’t need to worry about finding your ideal needle in this beautiful haystack as we’ve got you covered with the top 5 exquisite destinations to pack your bags with your partner and go explore around. For the best experience, you must follow the travel tips for couples to ensure safe traveling!!

The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands: couples traveling around the world


Very few things are more fulfilling in this world than holding your loved one close and exploring the magnificence of the natural paradise that is the Greek islands. This astounding archipelago offers visitors a plethora of options that just about fulfill every single one of your dreams about visiting the perfect beach. In addition to an array of exquisite beaches straight out of dreamland, these diverse islands offer couples all sorts of activities to take part in that comprises a cascade of Greek culture as well as the various things to do.

Must See:

  • The island of Crete is big enough to almost advocate it’s own spot in this list, with beaches of shimmering sand and a sapphire coast, this Greek island delivers on spectacle and surprise. With its capital city Heraklion home to the Knossos Palace.
  • Corfu is a similarly large island that houses its own set of beautiful attractions.
  • The island of Ithaca holds mythological significance as the mythical home of the Greek deities.


Venice: couples traveling around the world


What better way to spend a romantic holiday than slowly cruising down a Venetian canal on your personal Gondola as your partner and you slowly watch the sun sink into an ocean crimson as a rose? Well, Welcome to Venice, Italy.

This Italian city has been religiously visited by many a lover for its beautiful, compact towns and architecture, the color, the history, and of course the romance that is found in abundance. The city is beautifully compact, which of course makes it easy to explore in just under a week which is perfect for a romantic trip.

Must See:

  • The picturesque central location of St. Mark’s Square is undoubtedly a must-see destination in Venice just for the amazing locale, the people there, feeding the pigeons, or taking stunning panoramas.
  • The Campanile Di San Marco is another landmark in this famous city that encourages tourists to explore the rich history.
  • The Gialto Bridge across the Grand Canal is yet another example of beautiful Venetian architecture. On top of the bridge is a great vantage point to enjoy another iconic view of the city.


Kilimanjaro: couples traveling around the world


If your romantic wonderland does not lie in the serenity of the coasts or the beauty of antiquity in the cities, Kilimanjaro offers you the ideal vacation on the lap of nature. Kilimanjaro National Park is a world-renowned wildlife sanctuary that offers a unique experience for your couple getaway with the African savannah being the ideal non-cliché romantic setting that is sure to give you plenty of memories.

Explore the savannah with exhilarating safaris that is sure to set your pulse racing. It is the perfect destination to rejuvenate your relationship amidst nature.

Must See:

  • The Kilimanjaro National Park is a veritable haven for nature and wildlife aficionados with a diverse range of fauna to be seen to believe. It is also perfect to get lost in nature with your other half.
  • This goes without saying as Mt. Kilimanjaro is the very definition of a must-visit place. The snowy peaks a stark contrast to the arid savannah giving you much-needed transition.

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New York City

New York City: couples traveling around the world


An unconventional pick when it comes to inherent romantic aspects and stunning picturesque views, but New York City is the very metaphor for serendipity, and what could be more romantic than that. But the famous New York wasn’t the setting for various sitcoms for naught as the city opens up limitless possibilities. As such it is a perfect place to plan your romantic getaway. This would be the best honeymoon destination in the world

Must See:

  • The very well documented region of Central Park is on top of any New York must-see list for any New York visitor. With its many bridges and picturesque locations that ooze romantic sensibilities.
  • Another famous location is the Empire State Building that you and your significant other can revel in at the architectural masterpiece.
  • The very famous Brooklyn Bridge is yet another landmark location from which you and your partner can watch the very famous New York sunset.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii: couples traveling around the world


The romance is very much palpable in the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii as you revel in the calm Hawaiian air and relax in the picturesque beaches as you see the blue Hawaiian sky reflected in your partner’s eyes. It is also a prime spot for adventure activities like surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling among others.

Must See:

  • A trekking destination in Honolulu is the diamond head crater that offers a stark view into the wilderness hidden in the coastal beauty of Hawaii.
  • The Manoa Waterfall is a destination of choice for couples for it’s secluded and close to nature experience. It is a sin to go to Hawaii and not visit this stunning natural attraction.
  • The Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve is the perfect way to get in tune with the wildlife in Hawaii as well as other coastal species. This is truly a special experience to share with a loved one.

It’s a small world after all and it’s even smaller when you spend quality time with your partner visiting the truly special places that nature and man have built. For couples traveling around the world, any place is a paradise with a loved one. 

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