Top Tourist Attractive Beaches in Goa You Should Visit on Your Next Trip

Goa tourist places

Whenever we think of Goa, an image of a clear blue sky, beautiful beaches, amazing water sports, and great parties come to our mind. Agree or not, Goa is the dream destination for maximum youths of India who want to visit there on a bachelor’s trip, because the vibe of Goa cannot be replaced by any other place. As much as it is favored by Indians, an equal number of foreign tourists visit there as well. But before going on a trip, it is important to know the places to visit in Goa which would make your vacation much more interesting. Hence saving you from the trouble, we are listing the famous tourist places that you should definitely visit on your next trip there.

  • Calangute Beach– Now Goa is famous for its beaches and what can be better than starting your trip by visiting the Calangute beach. Being one of the most popular tourist places in Goa, on this beach, you would witness a crowd of people from all over the world. The long stretch of coastline and the great view that it provides would keep you mesmerized for many coming years. This beach also has some amazing restaurants, shopping places, and clubs, so this place would serve all your need. If you love water adventure sports, then Calangute is the best choice for you. So if you visit Goa, Calangute beach should come in your top priority list.

Goa tourist places: Calangute Beach


  • Baga Beach– Now Goa is filled with beaches and every beach has its unique beauty and attraction. Various activities that you could do at Baga beach would keep you engaged throughout the stay and every morning, soak yourself in the beautiful sunrise and the mesmerizing beauty of nature. This place offers some great water sports like parasailing, jet skiing etc which you can enjoy in the afternoon followed by an amazing lunch with Goan prawn curry which is available in famous restaurants there. At night, you can hop to different party clubs and enjoy dancing and chilling there.

Goa tourist places: Baga Beach


  • Fort Aguada- Goa not only means parties and beaches if you are a history lover and like visiting peaceful forts that bear historical stories within themselves, then you would love visiting Fort Aguada which is the 17th Century well-preserved Portuguese Fort. It is built near Sinquerim beach, which is in North Goa, so standing on the fort, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea horizon. Along with the amazing view and experiencing Portuguese architecture from the past, you would also be able to see a big lighthouse built centuries ago and a big tank which can contain about 3 million liters of water. The fort is still in good condition and is highly maintained by the authority and interestingly, some parts of the fort have been converted to jail making it the biggest jail in Goa.

Goa tourist places: Fort Aguada


  • Grand Island– When it comes to water-related activities, Goa is the place you want to be in. But Grand Island is the ultimate destination for water-related sports. You can go fishing and explore the amazing aqua world through scuba diving. You would see something that you have seen never before and would experience something that is out of this world. The peaceful coral reefs, the fishes, and various other aquatic animals would give you a sight that you would never forget in your life. You need not know swimming in order to go scuba diving. Snorkeling is also very famous here and you can go boating on bumper and banana boats around the Grand Island. At night, you can enjoy the star-filled sky, sitting by the beach, or doing a barbecue together with your friends on the beach.

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Goa tourist places


  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls- this place is pretty famous among tourists visiting Goa. Located at the Sanguem Taluka near the Goa- Karnataka Border, this must be present in your visiting list. Being the tallest waterfall in India, Dudhsagar falls gives an amazing view that you would remember for a lifetime. In order to visit the falls, you would have to go through Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary which is an added advantage. Even though the trek to the waterfall is closed in the park but you go to visit this amazing place by trekking through Kulem. Reaching the waterfall is not a very easy task but reaching there, you would find the trek to be worth it. The best time to visit here is during the monsoon season as during summer, the waterfall dries out. Many tour agency, plans a visit to this amazing fall in the correct season, so you can come here as a part of the group to be safe and have a great trekking experience as well. The beautiful green National Park which holds the white waterfall in its arm would give you a sight that you have experienced never before. I think this would be the best place for solo travelers!!

Goa tourist places: Dudhsagar Waterfalls


There are many other places in Goa which are worth your visit. Some honorable mentions are Tito’s Street which is one of the best clubs in Goa and is located near Baga Beach, Palolem Beach which has its own essence and is one of the main attractions of South Goa, here you can do Yoga in the morning and go to a silent disco in the evening, Bom Jesus Basilica which is a primary landmark for the Catholics, Deltin Royal Casino which is the biggest Casino boat and here you can try your luck and many other places. Goa is filled with excitement and different kinds of places which would give you different kinds of experiences. Each place has an essence of its own and we can say, that you would definitely enjoy going to all these places. Goa also offers some amazing food and shopping options which should definitely not miss and the next time you plan to visit Goa, definitely try going to all the places mentioned in this list.

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