Top 9 Places To Visit In Goa

places to visit in Goa

Quite possibly the most well-known tourist spot in the whole of India, Goa is a land that holds the fascination of many. Not only is Goa one of the most popular tourist spots, but is also one of the most liked spots by natives, as thousands (if not more) of natives visit this famed city for its awesome mix of activities, drinks, places to sightsee, and the beautiful beaches of Goa. Upon arriving here, one often feels overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things to do, a quite common thing if one is traveling alone or in a pair. The best way to find out the best things to do, see, visit, and drink is by acquiring a motorbike or scooter and exploring at one’s comfort. Keep scrolling to find out our top picks for the Top Places to visit in Goa:

The Best Tourist Locations in Goa


places to visit in Goa: Beaches


Goa’s is one of those lands that are best known for its multitude of beaches. This is one of the best places to visit in Goa. There’s something to offer to everyone, starting from resorts that give one everything they need to small but enjoyable huts that trance parties to restfulness. The beach in Goa that you would like depends on what kind of experience you want. Want water sports? Head over to Bags. Want to hang out with the hippies. Try Arambol. Looking for some isolation? Agonda or Patnem might the beach you are looking for.


places to visit in Goa: Markets


The Arjuna flea market is regular every Wednesday from morning until evening but for the monsoon season on the southern end of the Arjuna Beach.  The market has increased in size and attracts people from all across Goa. The market has grown exponentially in size in recent times and now calls to people from all over the state. It’s now got over 500 stalls and is still being expanded with new kinds of shops and stalls. Although the collection there is absolutely unbeatable, one must take care to haggle the best they can, as one can often be scammed. After a tiring day spent shifting and purchasing items from the many shops and stalls, one of the most satisfying things to do is to drive to Curly’s Beach Shack and enjoy the splendid sunset view from there. It is the best destination for solo travelers!!

If a single market does not satisfy the shopping desires of one’s heart, you can head over to one of the many nearby markets and bazaars, such as the chic Saturday Night Market and beautiful Mackie’s Night Bazaar, as both of these can be found in the Arpora Bay area. These bazaars have many things to offer, such as exotic music stemming from the wildest parts of India to some of the finest delicacies of Indian cuisine.

Latin Quarter and Portuguese Mansions

places to visit in Goa: Latin Quarter and Portuguese Mansions

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The capital city, Panjim, is a very exciting place to visit and is especially famed for its Fontainhas district. Being beautiful and significant enough to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (way back in 1984), the beautiful location’s name stems from the exceedingly beautiful fountain which one can find at the very foot of the hill. One thinks that they have traveled back in time, as they walk past whole neighborhoods of quaint and ancient Portuguese homes, which are now owned by the descendants of the Portuguese settlers in Goa. Streets that wind along charmingly and art galleries hosting work by both legendary and rookie artists make this district absolutely irresistible.

Old Goa

places to visit in Goa: Old Goa


Old Goa was actually the capital of the Goa of earlier times, which was under the rule and control of the Portuguese settlers, but now has been broken down by time to just a collection of huge cathedrals and churches. This does not make the place any less impressive, as these are some of the very largest on the continent. Some of the buildings have now been turned into archaeological museums, and provide an attractive and exotic view of the history of Goa as a state.

While there is no shortage of interesting and awesome architecture in the whole of Goa, one of the most attractive buildings is the Convent and Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, built-in 1521. One of the best ways to get to and see Goa is to board the Hop on Hop Off Bus, a popular tourist bus that leaves from the capital, Panjim. Tickets cost only 300 rupees.

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Spice Plantations

places to visit in Goa: Spice Plantations


Another thing of quite great significance is the multitude of plantations that are scattered in the jungles that surround Ponda. The largely warm tropical climate makes it a supreme place for growing spices. One can visit these, as they accept and welcome visitors and tourists of all kinds, and one can even have an awesomely cooked lunch that uses spices grown right there.

Quite possibly the most famous and large spice farm in or near Goa, the Sahakari Spice Farm spreads over a sprawling estate that extends for more than 130 acres. There are many other spice farms in the vicinity, such as the esteemed Savoi Plantation, and the farm famous for its hot spices, the Pascal Spice Village. Accommodations, and other activities such as elephant or boat rides, are some of the many services and hospitalities offered by the farm owners. Another one of the most interesting farms nearby is the awesome Sai Abyss Herbarium, which is owned and maintained by an enthusiastic Ayurvedic doctor. It’s situated just outside Savoi Verem village.

Wildlife Sanctuary

places to visit in Goa: Wildlife Sanctuary


Goa India does not only stand for its beaches and churches. Another one of the best places to visit in Goa is this sanctuary. The state’s location can be found alongside the Western Region, which is mainly populated by mountains. The sanctuaries themselves are famous and hold and house a quite large variety of birds, animals, and fish. About a fifth of Goa mainly consists of wildlife sanctuaries of one type or the other. While they remain open throughout the whole year, October to March are the best months for visiting.

The two main sanctuaries are Bhagwan Mahavir (which mainly consists of the famous Mollem National Park) and the reputed location of Cotigao. Near the very edge of the Mollem sanctuary, one finds the quite widely known Dudhsagar Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the entirety of Goa, where one can find a very high Falls that starts to rain down after and during the monsoon season. One can find bungalows and motels for staying the night in almost all of these sanctuaries.

Dudhsagar Falls

places to visit in Goa: Dudhsagar Falls


This is said to be one of the tallest and most powerful waterfalls.  this is 47 km from Margao and is located close to the Goa Karnataka border. The best time to visit this place is the monsoon. This is because we can find the maximum water during the Rains.  the white water produced is due to the Fall of 1017 feet from a steep mountain face. this waterfall can be viewed during a train journey to and from Margao. it is also possible to visit the base of the Fall by starting a trekking journey by road.  the Trek Journey begins from Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. You will find many hotels and resorts in Goa where you can have a lavish stay!!

Arambol Hippie Festival

places to visit in Goa: Arambol Hippie Festival


Arambol festival is famous among the hippies.   Though the culture is long gone, the culture is still prevalent in parts. One can enjoy the songs and listen to the stories of the past.  The locals and tourists come together to enjoy music dancing and drumming while rejoicing the days of the hippies

Bom Jesus Basilica

places to visit in Goa: Bom Jesus Basilica


This is one of the most famous tourist attractions for Catholics from all over the world.  It is also regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This Church was built in 1605 the Saints body was brought here in the year 1622.   The church also has a museum. The usual timings are from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening this place is about 12 km away from Panaji.

Some of the famous tourists place here are the famous landmarks of UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful churches, and other interesting local markets to visit. This place is famous for all the top beaches in India. The natural attractions and water sports and adventures are something to look for during your visit.

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