Most Exciting Things To Do In Tajikistan

things to do in tajikistan

Tajikistan is one of the smallest countries in Asia but yet is blessed with exciting places such as high mountains. You can enjoy the view of beautiful mountains here with lush green areas. Travelila brings exciting things to do in Tajikistan.

Explore the Pamir Mountains

things to do in tajikistan: Explore the Pamir Mountains


These mountains and the routes going through the mountains have been in use for millennia as a part of the ancient Silk Road. During the Great Game, a standardized route was laid out. Nowadays the road is shaky and not properly paved and it offers an amazing experience for cyclists and especially road trip lovers during solo traveling.

Enjoy the breathtaking ride through this wonderfully wild terrain, pausing to make friends in villages, and as the road to the mountain is as beautiful as the mountains.

See the Civilizations at Yagnob Valley

things to do in tajikistan: See the Civilizations at Yagnob Valley


Yangon Valley is a place where you can find extreme cold weather and due to this place becomes inaccessible for approximately half of the year. This is the reason Yagnobi inhabitants have managed to preserve their ancient Sogdian language for conversation. Here they have very limited access to other people and thus you can have the advantage of witnessing a unique civilization of the people out there.

The National Museum of Tajikistan

things to do in tajikistan: The National Museum of Tajikistan


This museum was opened in the year 2001 and is a kind of departmental museum having international status. It has a collection of archeological materials collected from Moscow and Russian cities. This museum is a two-story building having masterpieces by excavations conducted by the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan and material and spiritual culture, found during excavations in Khujand.

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Visit the Historical Local Lore Museum 

things to do in tajikistan: Lore Museum 


The Historical Local Lore Museum of Archeology and Fortification is guarding relics against different historical periods right at the center of the city. You can see both local and national artifacts as you walk the exhibits and experience centuries of history at this place.

Witness the Beauty of Seven Lakes

things to do in tajikistan

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Tajikistan is also called the land of seven lakes. Each of the seven Marguzor lakes has its own distinct character. Some of these lakes are long and narrow and some are wide and shine bright. Some lakes have more than one character so this place is distinct in itself.

The stay areas here are small constructions having hand embroidered wall hangings, wood (or coal) burning pick stoves for heat, and outhouse style facilities.

Take a Tour at Dushanbe

things to do in tajikistan: Dushanbe


Dushanbe is the capital city of Tajikistan and much of a modern kind than any other city in the country. This place has few interesting historical monuments such as parks, tree-lined Rudaki Avenue, and of course beautiful Soviet architecture as this place was once ruled by soviets. This city is also home to good and luxurious hotels and restaurants which is very rare at this place.

Take a View at Beautiful Architecture at Istaravshan

things to do in tajikistan: Istaravshan


Istaravshan is a small town and is the home to a country’s only Timurid architecture. This place can also be visited on the way to or from or from Dushanbe, Iskander Kul, or Penjikent. This place is small but beautiful with intricate tilework and a classic blue dome.

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