8 Foremost Things To Do In Sapporo-Japan

Things To Do In Sapporo

Japan the country with technology is also the favorite spot for travelers. Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Hokkaido Island are the major attractions for tourists. Sapporo is the capital of the beautiful island Hokkaido. It is also considered the commercial hub of Japan. Sapporo is an exciting city with the presence of both traditional and modern life.

You will see the Japanese culture and technological advancement both in one city. Besides that, there are many tourist spots to visit and things to do in Sapporo. Here are the foremost things, suggested by Travelila, that is a must to do in Sapporo!

Visit Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Things To Do In Sapporo: Visit Ishiya Chocolate Factory

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This place is totally for Chocolate Lovers. Explore Ishiya Chocolate Factory and know-how chocolates are made. The specialty of Ishiya Chocolate Factory is its white chocolate known as “Shiroi Koibito”. Don’t forget to buy those before you finish your trip. After the Tour to Factory, visit the Toy Museum, enjoy Robot Show, and dine in restaurants over there. You must visit this place while traveling with your friends

Sapporo’s Snow Festival

Things To Do In Sapporo: Sapporo’s Snow Festival

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Attending Sapporo’s Festival is what you can do to entertain and amaze yourself with the Ice Sculptures kept there. You can also find igloos over there. This Snow festival is in February of every year. Many sculptures are exhibited here by different sculptors from the world. For an enticing view visit in the night time. Filling with different colors of lightings.

Explore Odori Park

Things To Do In Sapporo: Explore Odori Park

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Odori Park have the highest greenery covered. Many colorful flowers are seen. Many people come here just for the peace of mind and to experience the best of nature. This park is also popular with the events happening there. At the eastern end of the park is Tv Tower from where you can see the View of the whole Sapporo.

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Walk at Asahiyama Park

Things To Do In Sapporo: Walk at Asahiyama Park

Source: hokkaidox.com

Asahiyama is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. This park is more popular among young couples. The best time to visit Asahiyama Park is during Spring so that you can see the fascinating view of cherry blossoms. Even in autumn, its burnt orange falls give it a unique vibe. It even has a plaza with a water fountain.

Photo with Clock Tower

Things To Do In Sapporo: Photo with Clock Tower

Source: theflyingtofu.com

The structure of the clock tower is classic. It was constructed in 1878 in honor of Hokkaido that’s why now it is counted in Hokkaido University. This building describes the history and culture of Sapporo. It consists of a ceremony hall and a different Exhibition hall. Taking photos with this clock will be difficult as the public gathers around in the evening time to see this masterpiece.

Try Ice-Cream in Hokkaido

Things To Do In Sapporo: Try Ice-Cream in Hokkaido

Source: visit-hokkaido.jp

Hokkaido has its own Dairy Industry and this resulted in many Ice-Creams shops over there. Try your own customized Ice-Cream in Hokkaido. The most popular one is Milk Mura with Ice-cream and liquor, you can choose from 4 types of liquor. And even Ice-creams refills are free.

Sapporo Beer Museum

Things To Do In Sapporo: Sapporo Beer Museum

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Sapporo beer museum is the main attraction for the people and tourists in Sapporo. Tour in a beer museum with a guide will let you learn how beer is made with its procedure from start to end. For the historical knowledge behind the beer, there are galleries that provide information about the history of beer. End beer museum tour with the different blends of beer. Hotels all around the world also come up with unique bars. For that, you need to check out the Best Hotel Bars In The World, to have a thrilling experience.

Ride Ropeway to Reach Mount Moiwa

Things To Do In Sapporo: Ride Ropeway to Reach Mount Moiwa

Source: tebura.ninja

Ride an aerial ropeway and then transfer to Cable Car to reach Mount Moiwa. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of Ishikari Bay from Ropeway and the view of Sapporo City and the details of a forest when in a Cable Car to reach Mount Moiwa. Mount Moiwa is the most beautiful Mountain in the area. Visiting Mount Moiwa in Winter is a whole new experience.

Other things to do in Sapporo, are trying its local Japanese Food on the street, Shopping at Tanukikoji Shopping arcade, Visiting Sapporo Art Park, Skiing in Teini Ski Resort, and many more. Overall, Sapporo is the best place to visit for your break from office and regular lifestyle, to experience new things.

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