Itinerary Of Things To Do In Rhodes

Things To Do In Rhodes

The largest island of Dodecanese and the fourth largest island amongst the Greek Islands, Rhodes has an interesting culture and charismatic nightlife that no one could resist. There are also picture-perfect villages, well-maintained historical sites, and many many wonderful beaches to enjoy on. We have mentioned here some of the Best Things To Do In Rhodes and places that are must-visit for the beautiful experience.

Lindos Acropolis

Lindos Acropolis: Things To Do In Rhodes


Lindos Acropolis is one of the most visited sites in Greece and it is obviously for a good reason. The Lindos Acropolis is located on the top of 116 meters high rock from the Lindos Village. And this village is situated 50km south of Rhode Town. At the second level of Acropolis, there is a temple dedicated to the Athena Lindia and a Hellenistic Stoa. this Acropolis completes with the ancient walls and the battlements. And most importantly, the view from there is Breathtaking. Visiting Lindos Acropolis is the Best Thing To Do In Rhodes.  If you love ruins and architecture you can Visit Italy to experience more such places.

Old Town of Rhodes

Things To Do In Rhodes: Old Town


The Old Town of Rhodes is the oldest town of the medieval period in entire Europe and in 1988 by UNESCO it was declared a heritage site. This Old Town in Rhodes will take you to a whole new era to be specific it will take you back to the medieval era. There are some preserved highlights of this town like the Palace of Grandmasters, and the Street of Knights. To experience this town at its best, a walk on top of old town walls is worth it and the view of downtown from there will be unforgettable. The attraction of this town also includes its narrow streets, ancient churches, and medieval architecture of the town.

Street of Knights

Things To Do In Rhodes: Street of Knights


The 600 meters long Street of Knights connects to the palace of Grandmasters and the hospitals for Knights. While going through the Street you will see many Gothic Arches and Stone buildings. The street of knights had Seven Inns of which only Four Inns are still remaining. England, France, Aragon, Germany, Auvergne, Italy, and Provence were 7 languages or ‘Tounges’ based on the Inns which described the origination of Knights. You can feel the Historical vibe while exploring these streets and surely you’re going to remember it for a long time.

Monastery of Tsambika

Things To Do In Rhodes: Monastery of Tsambika


The Monastery of Tsambika is a Byzantine Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary located on the east coast of Rhodes. To reach there you will have to hike up there but honestly, it’s worth it. After reaching there you will be mesmerize by the view of the church and the surroundings. Make sure to carry water. There is a saying that the women who climb 292 steps to the monastery and prays for a child to Virgin Mary are guaranteed to have a child within a year. After you are done praying at the Monastery of Tsambika, don’t forget to visit the beach Tsambika nearby.

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Kallithea Thermal Springs

Things To Do In Rhodes: Kallithea Thermal Springs


Kallithea Thermal Springs is the best place to spend quality time with your friends and family. It is a unique combination of nature’s beauty, and architectural design having a historical touch to it. Built in 1928 by Italian architect Pietro Lombardy. Constructing it by keeping in mind the beneficial properties of Thermal Springs. The spacious area of Kallithea Thermal Springs with well-maintained lounges, patios, and terraces soothes the mind. And it is just 9km away from Rhode Island.

Valley of Butterflies

Things To Do In Rhodes: Valley of Butterflies


Butterfly Valley is on to the 15kms southwest of Rhode city. Just imagine yourself surrounded by lush green forests, high mountains, the sparkling sound of waterfalls, and the view of colorful butterflies everywhere, isn’t it a heaven-like feeling? Obviously, it is. This is how you will feel in the Valley of Butterflies if you visit between June to September. The rest of the time it is still beautiful but butterflies won’t be around. And the best time to visit this valley is during summer to relax your mind and enjoy nature’s beauty at its maximum.

Modern Greek Art Museum

Things To Do In Rhodes: Modern Greek Art Museum


This place is a must-visit place for art lovers. Modern Greek Art Museum is in Symi Square at the entrance of the Medieval city of Rhodes. It believes in promoting the culture of Greece in a unique way through the universal aspects that reach the culture of every country. It has a collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, and documents from the 20th century by Greek artists such as Vasiliou Spiros, Gaitia Giannis, and Katraki Vaso.

Mojito Beach Bar

Things To Do In Rhodes: Mojito Beach Bar


Apart from sightseeing and historical wanderings, another best thing to do in Rhodes is to relax at the Mojito Beach Bar. It is located at 50 meters distance from Lachania Beach. This beach bar has an Awe-inspiring interior and exterior. It has sunbeds to relax and service of serving your favorite snack or drink to you. With the view of the sea and the electric music in the background the relaxation you will get will be a whole new level. The nightlife at Mojito beach Bar is something that will be miss by them.

Don’t forget to try the traditional and local cuisine of Greek at Tamam a popular restaurant. For more ideas to plan a vacation trip visit Travelila.

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