Best Things To Do In Portland Oregon

Things To Do In Portland Oregon

Portland city is the largest in the state of Oregon. Initially, this place was only known for its crime scenes but it has got tremendous development and is now voted as the 8th most popular city in the world. Here are the topmost attractions in this city.

Oregon Zoo

Things To Do In Portland Oregon: Oregon Zoo


Oregon Zoo is one of the most famous attractions. This zoo was opened in the year 1888 for which animals were donated by a private collector of animals. It has more than 200 species of animals with approximately 2000 animals. Also, a breeding program is going on in this zoo to help the survival of the species which are on the verge of extinction.

Gardens and Parks

Things To Do In Portland Oregon


There are a number of theme parks as well as gardens in this city. One of them is the Japanese Garden which should not be missed. It is spread over five distinct areas and it gives enormous peace and harmony as soon as one enters the garden. You can spend hours in this garden admiring the beauty of the garden and its trees and ponds.

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Things To Do In Portland Oregon


One of the famous gardens also includes Lan Su Chinese Garden. Outside of China, this is the only garden that has the originality and authenticity of China. The garden is designed in such a way that once you enter the garden you completely forget that you are in the United States and feel like you have reached China. This garden is so beautiful and authentic that after you have spent time here you completely feel rejuvenated.

 things to do in portland oregon


Also, there is a forest park outside the boundaries of Portland in the Tualatin Mountains. It is spread over 5000 acres and it covers the needs of each and every person as in it has mountains, rivers, and verities of trees having birds to see.

Food Tour

Food Tour: things to do in portland oregon


People also travel to have a variety of foods to eat (Are you one of them?) as for some people eating is equal to living. So for those, there are various options for having delicious food. The downtown area provides anything and everything you want to eat from food carts to fine dining at famous restaurants. Portuguese are very much fond of chocolates and sweets and that is beyond doughnuts. You will get to know inventions in food as well! Beers and Cocktails especially craft beer is adding to the delicious nature present here.

Portugal Culture

 Things To Do In Portland Oregon: Portugal Culture


If you are in Portland, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to deeply witness the culture out there. This city offers various options for travelers to see the culture they have which includes museums and Historic Sites. It also has a lot to offer art lovers and has a distinct taste of music which can actually make you feel fresh. It has musical offerings in areas like rock, jazz, pop, classical, and a lot more.

It also has some notable contributions in areas of science and research development and has lots of inventions for you to witness. All in all, Portland is a beautiful place to visit and feel refreshed. If you want to know about more places then visit Travelila.



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