Some Exciting Things To Do On Your Visit To Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a city in northern Bavaria that is distinguished by medieval architecture such as the stone towers of its Altstadt (Old Town) and the fortifications. At the northern edge of the Altstadt, stands Kaiserburg Castle surrounded by red-roofed buildings. The Hauptmarkt a central square contains the gilded “beautiful fountain” with tiers of figures, the Schöner Brunnen and Frauenkirche which is a 14th-century Gothic church. Travelila summed up a list of Exciting Things to do in Nuremberg.

Collect Sights of Ancient Kaiserburg Castle

Things To Do In Nuremberg: Collect Sights of Ancient Kaiserburg Castle


The Imperial Castle in Nuremberg called Kaiserburg Castle was one of the most important fortified imperial palaces of the old Holy Roman Empire. The incredible rocky structure of the castle holds legends, myths, and dazzling history of power and pride. The castle in its current form was built only in the 13th century as it was considered to be a settlement around the year 1,000 when the Imperial Free City of Nuremberg was settled as it was used to be called the Luginsland Tower. It would be the best place for a solo travel person.

Artistic Feeling at Albrecht Durer House

Things To Do In Nuremberg: Artistic Feeling at Albrecht Durer House


A museum dedicated to the artist’s life and work recently restored building which was the house of the Middle Age painter and graphic artist named Albrecht Durer. Albrecht Durer’s works are currently presented on chocolate bars or money bills and also in every corner of the world. The reason behind the change in the course of art history in terms of meticulousness and is a mania for perfection and bringing technology to the medium of engraving is Durer.  A definitely worth seeing in the house is it is a timber-framed house and now has sketches and engravings of the man himself.

A walk-in Wiebgerbergasse

3 Things To Do In Nuremberg


The Weibgerbergasse is nowadays a famous area for relaxation in a complete fairy-tale medieval landscape. It is a charming street with impressive, half-timber, multi-colored housing. The street-wide ensemble of houses holds plenty of history. Tradition are all built to the same height and has similar themes but in different styles. In Nuremberg’s medieval times, a testimony of wealth and craftsmanship these faces boast Rococo and Baroque additions along with some seriously spectacular inner gardens.

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A Visit to Wine Warehouse, Weinstadel

4-Things To Do In Nuremberg


The Weinstadel, a typical medieval wine warehouse, is one of the city’s most important and pleasant urban structures in the heart of its historical area. Weinstadel is on the riverside and represents a masterpiece in terms of traditional architecture. You can take a stop-off on the Historical Mile in Nuremberg. It is structured as the half-timber framed façade meets the sandstone brick ground floors and is a Pure beauty. 

An Adventure feel In Subterranean Townhall Chambers

Things To Do In Nuremberg: An Adventure feel In Subterranean Townhall Chambers


The Subterranean Townhall Chambers are fascinating underground chambers of Nuremberg. That are a labyrinth of rock and corridor and dungeon. They are spectacular and certainly a place for the adventurous. The former usage of these chambers was a jail for prisoners. Those who were sentence to death and waiting for their punishment. The tunnels named Macabre and sinister also contain old torture rooms to boot.

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