Best Things To Do in Naples-Italy

Things To Do In Naples

The city in Italy that has always stayed in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius has a special kind of tourist attraction to it. As Naples can be called the city of historic monuments, chapels and churches, Castles, and Piazzas that are not too far away from the streets. While in Naples except sightseeing you should also enjoy its nightlife on the streets. Naples, Italy is a perfect tourist destination. And Naples is also the third-largest city of Italy after Rome and Milan. So here we are shortlisting some places that you should definitely visit or some things to do in Naples.

Climbing Mount Vesuvius

Things To Do In Naples


Mount Vesuvius is classified as Stratovolcano, which was the only volcano in Europe that erupted in the past 100 years and also ruined two cities Pompeii and Herculaneum. Apart from this as Naples is shadowed under the Vesuvius, you obviously climb this mountain it will take the time of around 20 -30 minutes. But the view you will see after climbing the mountain will be worth it. If you are visiting Germany you can discover some castles in Nuremberg also.

Visit the Ruins

Things To Do In Naples


The ruins that were created due to the eruption of the volcano 100 years ago were Pompeii and Herculaneum. Now they are considered a tourist attraction. You will get to see the mysterious villa, skeletons of people buried under the ash of the volcano, the house of Faun, and the temples of Apollo and Jupiter.

National Archaeological Museum

Things To Do In Naples


Naples National Archaeological Museum was established in 1777 and is a very important Italian museum as it contains some Roman artifacts from the Ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, remains of Roman, and Greeks. You can get to learn about the history of Romans and Greeks, their artifacts, and much more.

Naples in Underground

Things To Do In Naples: Naples in Underground

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A geothermal zone that is under this beautiful city of Italy is also something you should definitely visit. They nothing but ancient tunnels. Under that, there are many historic catacombs, cisterns, and a Greco-Roman theatre. And they have around 2500 years of history.

Shopping on Via San Gregorio Armeno

Things To Do In Naples: Shopping on Via San Gregorio Armeno


Via San Gregorio Armeno is a street where you will get every kind of artisan crafts. And shopping on this street should be on your bucket list. Visit there during any time of the year still you will experience the Christmas vibe there. This is what attracts the tourists most. They have everything from handmade to electrical equipment. And as you go halfway up you will see the church. This street is named after that church only.

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Visit Castel Nuovo

Things To Do In Naples: Visit Castel Nuovo


Castel Nuovo is considered the main historical site in Naples as it has bronze sculptures, paintings, and frescoes from the 14th -15th centuries. And it is located near to Piazza Del Plebiscito, so it is easily accessible. Tour of the Castel is a must and then climb the towers and enjoy the Naples’ and Harbour scenic beauty from there. It was first built in 1279. Then later on many changes were made to it. It has a civic museum and a Palatine Chapel.

Botanical Gardens

Things To Do In Naples: Botanical Gardens


Naples Botanical Gardens in Italy was created in 1993 with 170 acres of land that belonged to the garden. It has more than 1000 species of plants that are preserved for research and medicinal use. It is also used as a public garden and a research center in Italy. And it is located in Naples, Florida.

The Funiculars Ride

Things To Do In Naples: The Funiculars Ride


Funiculars are the mode of transportation on the inclined sloping areas. They are counterbalance by the presence of two vehicles. It makes it easier to pass inclined slopes. Those are in Naples as well and you should definitely ride them. The longest funicular in the world is “ Funicolare Centrale”.  

Piazza Del Plebiscito

Things To Do In Naples: Piazza Del Plebiscito


Piazza del Plebiscito is a public square that is located in the exact center of Naples. It has two beautiful and important neighbors that are Palazzo Reale and San Francesco Di Paola. And you should definitely take a walk around Piazza Del Plebiscito and see its beauty, especially at night time. And yeah, naming it after the unification of Italy in 1860.

Chapels and Churches

Things To Do In Naples: Chapels and Churches


There are many chapels and churches in Naples.  And some of them that you should visit are San Domenico Maggiore, Sansevero Chapel, Naples Duomo, Santa Chiara Church, and San Lorenzo Maggiore. There are about 450 to 500 churches in Naples. You will get to see a church or chapel wherever you go to Naples.


Things To Do In Naples: Eat PIZZA!


This should be on the top of the list after all you are in Italy. Try every type of pizza there. It is a premium delicacy of Italy. Nothing can describe Italy as pizza does. The street vendors that make these Pizza’s have a different and unique taste. There was a time when no one knew about the pizza but thanks to Queen Margherita her special liking towards pizza made us all have a taste of such a heavenly dish.

These were the places that Travelila suggests you visit in Naples, Italy, and some of the things to do in Naples. So what you are waiting for hurry up and plan your most exciting trip to Naples, Italy.

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