Some Exciting Things To Do On Your Trip To Modena

things to do in modena

In Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region a beautiful city of Italy named Modena is situated. Modena is famously known for its opera heritage, and balsamic vinegar plus Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars. The Enzo Ferrari Museum has exhibits on the work and the life of the car designer, in his childhood home, it also includes iconic models in a futuristic building. In the 18th-century Museum Palace is the Estense Gallery, a bust by Bernini and with works by Tintoretto and Correggio. Travelila brings a list of some of the exciting things to do in Modena.

Enthralling Formula One Feels in Enzo Ferrari Museum

 things to do in Modena: Enzo Ferrari Museum

If you’re a fan of formula one or not The Enzo Ferrari Museum should be on your list while you are in Modena. It offers a lot of information about the work and life of Enzo Ferrari who is the founder of the Ferrari Company. It is also suitable for kids. You can also admire amazing cars that were built by this company over the years. It has many iconic models of cars. It would be a great traveling trip with friends if you are a car lover.

Coffee in Piazza Grande

Coffee in Piazza Grande: things to do in Modena

It’s for sure a challenge to avoid passing Piazza Grande if you are visiting Modena. Piazza Grande is located in the heart of the old city center. Piazza Grande has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO some years back. Due to the architecture around and imposing buildings, it views us very impressive.

Tore Della Ghirlandina

things to do in Modena: Tore Della Ghirlandina


Tore Della Ghirlandina is the tallest structure in town over 80 m/262 ft high. You can notice Torre Della Ghirlandina from all sides of Modena as it is one of the tallest buildings. If you climb up, you’ll have the opportunity to see the scenic view over the historic city center and it is the symbol of the city. Besides, climbing up the stairs is the perfect exercise for sure. You can also have fun enjoying all the delicious Italian food, ice cream, and Tiramisu.

Cooking Experience and Balsamico Tour

 things to do in Modena: Cooking Experience and Balsamico Tour


Without being able to make your own pasta starting just with eggs and flour is you cannot leave Italy. The tour will allow you to join a cooking lesson from professionals and will last for 4 hours. You will get to visit one of the local places producing local traditional Balsamico vinegar. The experience is particularly for families and all can enjoy. If you start cooking together helps you spend some fun quality time.

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Pray In Dumo di Modena Cathedral

things to do in Modena: Dumo di Modena Cathedral


While we are talking about the tower of Ghirlandina, you cannot miss Modena Cathedral named Dumo di Modena since you’re there already. Declaring it as Patrimony Site by UNESCO. The carving inside the Modena Cathedral is impressive. Make sure you get there during working times as it is also a museum on the premises. Modena Cathedral named Dumo di Modena is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Modena, Italy. Dedicating it to the Assumption of the Saint Geminianus and the Virgin Mary. Formerly it was the seat of the Diocese and later it was the Archdiocese, of Modena.

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